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How to identify promising key phrases based on available statistics - Profit Hunter If yesterday I wrote about how to increase search traffic with a small link “kick”, today I’ll tell you how to do the same with the selection of promising key phrases.The author of this method is the same - Andrew Scotland from the blog of the Local SEO Guide.


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So, in order to highlight the most promising of all the variety of key phrases that come to you students, you need to make two things:

1. Split key phrases into groups according to the main topics. (To do this, in Google Analytics, type in the search box under the list of key phrases, a word that will combine a separate group of keywords.)

How to identify promising key phrases based on available statistics - Profit Hunter

2. Determine the potential of the thematic group of phrases using the following formula:

Key phrase potential = (1-number of key phrases / transitions) (views) (time) (1-percent failure),


  • number of key phrases is the total number of phrases within this topic group;
  • transitions is the total number of visits for this subject group;
  • views - number of pages viewed per visit;
  • time - time spent on the site (convert time to a numerical value );
  • bounce rate is an indicator of Basics 🙂

If conversion rates are important to you, you can add one more variable to the formula. In this case, you can even not count the time spent on the site and the number of pages viewed per visit.

After you identify the group with the greatest potential, you will be able to come to grips with the site promotion of the key phrases it contains and expand this group with new phrases.

For example, there is such a site for moms, where you can clearly distinguish two groups of key phrases: one goes along the line 'kids' , the other goes along the line 'how to' . According to the formula, the calculations are as follows:

  • Kid = (1-179 / 701) (13. 12) (6:03) (1-. 28) = 1. 78
  • How to = (1-869 / 1017) (4. 21) (3:58) (1-. 50) = 0. 05

As you can see, this hypothetical site is better promoted by phrases containing the word kid . In addition, it is this group that should be given priority attention in the future when filling the site with content.

Note: If a phrase covers the overwhelming part of requests (up to 90%), the formula stops working, so do not blindly rely on numbers. Always check what lies behind them.

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