How to hide whois data? instruction

Everyone should remember about personal security on the Internet, especially if you have your own websites.

When registering domains, you have to specify a lot of different information about yourself and some of it appears in the public domain. Anyone can use whois to see the name and surname, as well as other data of the owner of the domain.

How to hide whois data? This can be done only if your registrar supports this feature.

This service is called whois privacy protection ( some call Private Person ). More and more registrars add it to their customers, but most often require payment for it.

How to hide whois data? instruction

Can you hide whois information?

Yes, if you use the services of a registrar who provides this feature. Immediately I would like to say that the owners of domains in the zones ru or RF, this is definitely not required. The fact is that for these domain zones the information on whois is hidden automatically.

It would seem terrible that someone will know your name, phone number or email. On the one hand, this is true, but on the other hand, not everyone agrees to open this information.

Want an example, here it is:

How to hide whois data? instruction

Even if you are not involved in dark affairs, you still have to hide the whois data. At a minimum, a lot of spam can come to your phone and email address.

Where to buy whois privacy protection domains?

If you already have a domain, ask your registrar if it provides data hiding services. In the absence of this function, simply transfer the domain name to another registrar. Who exactly?

The well-known Ru-centr () offers to connect an additional service for only 290 rubles. For the transfer of the site in the zone. com will have to pay 840 rubles, but for this his term will be extended for another year. For a similar price, domain names are sold in this zone.

Prices are quite high, and if you want to save money, use a foreign registrar.

There, customers are offered the whois data hiding service absolutely free. In addition, domains in the zone. com are sold for 8. 99 $ , at today's rate it is 510 rubles, 330 rubles cheaper than in Ru-centr.

You can hide the whois of your domains, but you have to pay for it. At a minimum, money will be needed to transfer names to another registrar. It’s good that Runet zones hide all data right away, so you have the alternatives, you can simply not use the global domain zones.

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