How to hide affiliate links? correct links hiding

By actively using earnings on affiliate programs, you have to constantly attract a huge number of users to various systems.

In order for the services to determine that you are inviting customers, you will need to use special links, and some users intentionally allocate only the main part, thereby performing a direct transition to the site.

How to hide affiliate links? To do this, there are several good ways that everyone who works with affiliates must use. It is difficult to explain the reason for refusal to go through affiliate links, some simply do not want to bring benefit to someone, so they should be deprived of this opportunity.

How to hide affiliate links? correct links hiding

Proper hiding of links

1. Shorten links.
This is the easiest way to hide all links. With the help of special sites, you can shorten links and then transfer them to other users or install on your resource. On the page where and how to shorten the links we have already told in more detail about this option, and also presented the best services.

2. Redirect page.
For your sites, you can create as many pages with redirects that will direct users to the necessary URLs. Page code with automatic transition is not big:

How to hide affiliate links? correct links hiding

Add your affiliate links to it and after that refer to this page in articles. The user performs an internal transition on your site and automatically goes to your affiliate link.

3. Hiding links when you hover.
Some users believe that you can hide an affiliate link at the expense of anchors. Yes, this is one of the options, but if the user hovers over the anchor, they will be presented with the full address. How to fix it? The standard form of the anchor looks like this:

How to hide affiliate links? correct links hiding

The standard code for adding links hidden under the anchor must be changed to the following form:

How to hide affiliate links? correct links hiding

This is not a tricky trick to help you hide the full address and the user does not know exactly where he will go during the transition.

There is a lot of talk about whether it is good to hide affiliate links, some webmasters even argue that it is better to intentionally indicate the presence of a ref. links (written in brackets). To do this or not, you decide, in conclusion, I would like to remind you about another trick.

When adding an affiliate link, specify the usual site address and use it as an anchor for your links, most users may not even notice that they have moved to the site not at their direct address.

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