How to give out freebies and get rich? customer gifts

Most business books tell you that the method of offering free bonuses is ideal for attracting customers. This method is used quite actively, there are many sites on the network where you can get a free e-book or video course by following a simple subscription.

The word "Free" itself can attract the attention of huge audiences, because everyone wants to receive something without giving anything away. The main feature here is the provision of a trial version, after evaluating which you get an already prepared client, who may show interest in your goods .

How to give out freebies and get rich? customer gifts

Free goods and gifts for customers

Some businessmen, who study this method in more detail, found even a part of the psychological impact. When receiving a free item or gift, a person feels a sense of duty and gratitude at the same time. Considering that when you distribute free products you lose money is not necessary, you are like a fisherman, throwing a dressing that will provide a good catch.

How to distribute freebies and get rich? In order for your “generosity” to really not “afford”, you must correctly calculate expenses and incomes. First you need to highlight the "customer value", do not worry, this is only a term that reflects the profit received from one customer.

Suppose you are creating websites and, as a gift, partially fill a resource with information.

For example, for site creation you charge 10,000 rubles, and spend 1,000 rubles for the purchase of content. Do you think you lost money? Your client may have used your services only because you provide a free bonus, and if he didn’t have it, you wouldn’t have the remaining 9000.

How to give out freebies and get rich? customer gifts

Information is the perfect gift

If you look at the most successful examples of free goods and gifts, you should highlight information products. You can transfer one e-book or video course to thousands of clients, and you will pay for its development only once.

The most important thing is to create a truly worthwhile information product that the target audience of your business needs.

How to give out freebies and get rich? customer gifts

How do businessmen use gratuities?

Among the stories of successful entrepreneurs, cases of high income through granting gratuities are quite common:

  • one photographer provided his clients with free travel on a van to his studio for 4 weeks. The deadline was determined for a reason; during this time, the client got used to working together. Almost immediately after applying this method, he was able to increase revenues by 40%;
  • a foreign company for the production of motor oils offered its customers a choice of using a free service (oil change, carburetor cleaning, wheel replacement), and then as soon as possible they sold the maximum batch of products;
  • the private dentist who decided to increase the number of visitors launched the “first inspection for free” campaign, the number of applicants was huge, and after the first inspection, most people used it Gami constantly.

The sense in providing free bonuses is definitely there, the most important thing is not to do charity work, because first of all it is a business, you need to allocate benefits from everything.

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