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How to get to the top SE due to WordPress plugins - Profit Hunter Well, let's try to raise the blog at such a mid-frequency request as "plugins wordpress ". All we need for this is to write interesting materials, manuals, hacks, on the topic "WordPress engine plugins" and if you are a programmer, then create new plugins for the popular engine, notifying the blogosphere. If your plugin is useful, then I dare to assure you, your blog will thank you with thousands of links. You can also provide custom plugin writing services. And very soon the plan called "plugins wordpress " will be taken! But apart from the place in the top of SE, you still get what all the advertising platforms are chasing, something that has arms and legs, as well as we have with you, something that is a lot on Odnoklassniki - traffic, of course ...

So let's summarize. To bring a blog to the top search engines you need:

  • to write articles on the topic, in the extreme case, you can make a selection of interesting, funny, strange, thematic for SEOs (or any other) plug-ins
  • for free code the required plug-ins
  • report on the provision of services for writing plug-ins (and of course get mon ey )

This list is naturally not complete, you can add something of your own, to For example, organize a contest for the best plugin for your favorite engine. Imagine!

I’ll highlight two sites as examples that followed my instructions, in full or in part - it doesn’t matter, and deservedly got into the top Google by “our” request. One of the sites cited an impressive list of plug-ins of various orientations for Word Press , calling its post TOP 30 WordPress Plugins in Blogosphere . The author of this site has repeatedly written about plugins, for which he was rewarded. Another example is that the author of the site was rewarded by a top from Google , thanks to the development of a useful plugin called “ TubePress ".

By the way, the content content “sharpening” under the request you need is involuntarily activated here. Count how many times in this text I mentioned the word plugins and wordpress. Very much! We can say that this is even brute force and the search engines will probably consider this text as spam. Anything can happen. Therefore, the advice - from time to time dilute the text, move away from the topic under discussion.

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