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DMOZ - widely known open directory of Internet resources (open directory project (ODP)). Webmasters this directory attracts with its authority and high performance:

  • Google PR - 8.
  • Yandex CY - 4700.

If you have decided to add your site in this directory and intend to achieve the goal, then this article is for you.

This is not a code of laws, but only a vision of the rules of DMOZ through the eyes of the catalog editor, i.e. by me. You should not take these recommendations as a guarantee of adding a site to the directory, but they will definitely help you properly prepare the resource and reduce the likelihood of failure.

So, the basic requirements:

1. The site must be completed and filled with information. This means that all links must be working, no messages about “reconstruction”, etc. If the editor finds such pages when browsing the site, you will most likely be denied registration.

2. Understandable and logical navigation without java-scripts and flash is a big plus for your resource in the eyes of the editor.

3. A few words about the design. Most sections of the catalog are not important.

4. Advertising ... There are less and less websites without advertising, even teenagers blogs are full of banners, so you shouldn’t remove all the ads before adding them to the catalog and then put them back in. Fear =)

But I’m still giving some recommendations about the ads. , and a useful site for an ordinary user, so try to organize the display of banners and contextual advertising in such a way that it does not interfere with the perception of information.

5. Content This is the reason why your site is added to the directory. Ideally, it should be unique and in demand. Fresh information is also welcome. The required frequency of updates largely depends on the subject of the resource, i.e., the online business card cannot be updated frequently in principle, while the latest news for May 2005 will look weird for a news site.

In any case, the editor will decide for himself how relevant, useful and unique your content is. A few words about the uniqueness: the main task of the catalog is a broad presentation of one or another subject, therefore sites with the same content and focus should not be present in the catalog.

6. Properly selected category and proper description increase your chances of appearing in DMOZ. To begin, make sure that your description does not repeat existing ones and has unique features. Remember that the editor can edit the description at its discretion.

Now, actually, about adding a site to a directory. You will not receive any notification that your site has passed or has not gone moderation. The only exception may be a letter from the editor with a request to edit and correct something, but this is the exception rather than the rule.

You can check the availability of the site in the catalog only by yourself, using the catalog search. Consider also the fact that the minimum time to add a site to the directory is about two days, because the application to the editor arrives approximately 24 hours after the addition. The approved site also does not immediately go to the directory, it should take about a day. The maximum time is not limited by anything =)

Immediately after submitting the site for consideration, I advise you to write to the editor of this section in person by e-mail. This may speed up the review of your application. If there was no response and / or your site did not appear in the directory for a month, it makes sense to contact the editor of the parent section.

If you don’t manage to replenish one of the catalog sections with your site, but you really want to, the last opportunity to do this is to become the DMOZ = editor yourself

Useful links:

  • Where to add: http: // www. dmoz. org / World / Russian /
  • Where to read about dmoz: http: // www. russiandmoz. ru /
  • To complain: http: // report-abuse. dmoz. org /
  • Official blog of the school: http: // blog. dmoz. org /
  • Public forum of the dose: http: // www. resource-zone. com / forum /

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