How to get away from the answer to the question?

All people communicate, this is our nature, but sometimes the dialogue simply does not add up.

It happens that you have to talk, and tactless people put their nose into things that are not I want to tell. But if you want to keep the conversation going, you have to give answers, although it is not necessary to reveal all the secrets.

How to answer uncomfortable questions? Recently, one of my friends, having learned how much I earn on the Internet, asked what I spend money on.

I don’t do anything criminal, but I’m not ready to discuss where the “greens” go from my pocket. And in general, this man is not so close to me to tell him about himself.

How to get away from the answer to the question?

It turns out that there are several tricks to help give an answer, but not to reveal trumps.

They can be useful in various situations and with the most unexpected questions:

  1. No specifics - answer with veiled and general phrases to support the dialogue, but at the same time without specifying details.
    EXAMPLE: How much do you earn on the Internet? Yes, like everyone else, the average salary!
  2. The obvious answer is to include the captain of evidence to give an answer that the interviewee knows to you.
    EXAMPLE: How do you make money on the Internet? Doing the job!
  3. Inconvenient answer - when using this model, you respond to the interlocutor with the same tactlessness.
    EXAMPLE: Is there really big money coming out of the Internet? Do you think my money?
  4. The mirror answer is similar to the previous version, only you don’t have to think of anything here, just rephrase the question.
    EXAMPLE: Will you give me a 1000 in debt? Will you take me to 2000?
  5. Gestures and facial expressions - you can tell nothing at all, it’s enough to show the thought with all your appearance.
    EXAMPLE: Tell me about working on the Internet? (deep sigh), why do you need these troubles!
  6. Long answer - short and not exact answers can cause the completion of the dialogue. Therefore, you can answer deployed, but without specifics.
    EXAMPLE: How much do you get from the Internet? You know, when I started working there, I had to do a lot of work for a penny. From year to year I turned around, invented something, tried different niches, then found something interesting. Although I still do not get millions, I hope that in the future it will be fine.
  7. Comic answer - a sense of humor helps to make the conversation interesting, and you can also laugh it off at uncomfortable questions.
    EXAMPLE: Do you earn a lot? I am still far from Abramovich.

Besides all this, do not forget about universal answers that fit any questions . Something like "What are you interested in?" or, "You know how to embarrass me." You can always get away from the answer, so you don’t have to tell everything about yourself.

How to get away from the answer to the question?

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Do not be afraid to communicate with people, this is the best way to endear them. And if you are asked some unpleasant questions, choose one of the presented models. You can’t run away from the answer, and if you don’t want to share something, it’s enough to make a joke or answer without specifying details.

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