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Quite often, owners of popular sites ask this question. Eli, a well-known blogger, found a solution, and a rather simple one, and published it in his article “How To Overthrow A Wikipedia Results.” In principle, everything from the article is easy to think about, but I think it might be useful for readers anyway.


Suppose your site occupies a certain place in the issue and Wikipedia stands directly above it.

A simple solution

In fact, how easy it will be for you to conquer Wikipedia is the competitor’s page. Eli stumbled upon this problem quite recently and managed to knock out Wikipedia out of 20 leaders. All you need , this is done according to the following algorithm. First of all, according to Eli, you need to find out where Wikipedia has such a high rating. As a rule, there are three reasons for this.

The first one is the authority of the Wikipedia domain. org

The second is the internal re-linking of Wikipedia, thanks to which its weight increases significantly (in particular, see also section).

The third one is links from various blogs and forums. An observant visitor will notice not only a high percentage of links from blogs / forums, but the lack of cross-cutting links from these sites.

Of course, you can hardly change anything about the Wikipedia domain. org. But Eli claims that Wikipedia looks like a tricyclic - if you break at least one leg, Wikipedia will collapse. Therefore, you need to break the "leg" 2 and 3.


1) Find all the links from other Wikipedia pages (you can use Yahoo Site Explorer for this), which link to our page.

2) Go to each page and find the links to the so disturbing Wikipedia page. Most of them can be found either in the “See also” section, or they will be scattered throughout the article, but, like a web, are linked to each other. This is where the key is to unravel. The easiest way is with such pages as "Flash Games" or "News about Elections", as they are not suitable for Wikipedia at all. When people enter such phrases in the Google search engine, it is obvious that they are trying to find games or news about the elections as such, and not some Wikipedia page that defines these concepts. The same applies to other Wikipedia pages that link to it. The fact that the author has inserted the text "Cat Food" in an article or in "See also" does not mean that this is a link to a page that provides essential information on this issue.

3) Slowly remove all of these links. But do not overdo it. You simply substitute yourself if you delete them en masse. If you are not sure how much exactly, then stick to the numbers 1-2 per day. If you are so impatient, first remove those pages that have the highest PageRank, and use different IP's. It will either break or, at least, cripple one of the “legs”.

4) The next step is to find all the blogs and forums that link to the Wikipedia page, and add a link to your site (if possible). Here it is not necessary to follow the measure, quite the opposite - as many forums / blogs and as many links as possible. The main thing to remember is that your goal is not blogs and forums in general, but those that have a link to the page. The whole sweetness of this process is that, as a rule, you will leave links on those blogs and forums that discuss exactly the area in which your site is involved, and therefore you will not have to persuade to visit it for a long time.

5) Try inserting the link into the article itself. It makes sense.

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