How to get a personal certificate? | Workion. ru

If you decide to seriously earn money on the Internet or even open your own business, then you must have all the conditions for convenient management of electronic money.

The Webmoney system is the Runet leader in this niche, and thanks to the system of certificates, you can significantly expand your capabilities.

To remove a set of restrictions and to receive all necessary opportunities, it is enough to receive the personal certificate. But not everyone knows how to do it. In fact, the procedure for obtaining it is not at all complicated and now we will explain everything in detail.

How to get a personal certificate? | Workion. ru

How to increase the capabilities of your wallet?

Before we tell you how to get a personal certificate, let's consider the privileges that you get for his account:

  • transaction limits will be increased;
  • it will be possible to become a system consultant;
  • you will have the opportunity to participate in the certification center partner program;
  • restrictions on filing claims to arbitration will be lifted;
  • use the secure transaction system through Escrow.

And this is not all the advantages of this certificate, which also causes more confidence in other participants of the payment system. The only negative is that you have to pay money, but the amount is not large and is about $ 10.

You can become the owner of your personal certificate after meeting with the registrar, or by sending the necessary documents by mail. Decide which of them to decide for yourself, but it is much easier to arrange a personal meeting. You can find registrars on the next page. When choosing a table will be presented:

Naturally, it is better to choose an attester for the nearest region and the lowest cost of the certificate. In the table, this data is there, so you can quickly determine. In the column "Conditions of receipt" set special icons.

The symbol of a person means that the registrar issues a certificate only after a personal meeting. The envelope indicates that you can send documents by mail. The portfolio indicates the possibility of registering legal entities.

How to get a personal certificate? | Workion. ru

Obtaining a certificate at a personal meeting

As already mentioned, this option is easier; when using it, you will need:

  • apply through the website and pay;
  • fill out a special application (print out first);
  • prepare copies of the completed passport pages;
  • meet with the registrar and transfer all documents.

IMPORTANT: If you are under 18, you will need to arrange a meeting in the presence of one of the parents.

Obtaining a certificate using mail.

  • find a registrar with an envelope symbol and pay for the application;
  • print out and fill out an application (the same as during a personal meeting);
  • make photocopies important pages of the passport;
  • visiting the notary to verify the signature on the application;
  • sending documents by registered mail (you will receive the address after choosing a registrar).

As you can see, this procedure is somewhat more complicated, and it takes more time, but if you cannot find an attester in your city or simply do not want to do this, then this option is the way out.

After completing the necessary actions, within a few days Webmoney employees will call you and clarify your intention to become the owner of a personal certificate, and also ask you for what purposes you need it. This is the final stage, in the near future an updated entry will appear in front of your passport.

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