How to get a lot of views on YouTube?

Keep your YouTube channel, constantly add new videos, try to make them interesting, but the number of views leaves much to be desired?

Most likely, you did not take into account all the subtleties of working with world-wide video hosting. Each added video must be correctly optimized.

How to get a lot of views on YouTube? To do this, you will have to try very hard, because the competition in this niche is now serious. We will present you some tips so that you do not forget about all the important points when working with your channel and adding new videos. All of them will help raise the number of views.

How to get a lot of views on YouTube?

Increase Views on YouTube

Before you upload a video, you need to find a suitable key request. To do this, you can use the statistics from Yandex in the service. In the search results, videos from YouTube often occupy leading positions, and if you manage to bring your video to the first line, there will be a lot of views.

The second step is to change the name of the video. Simply renaming the file also affects the optimization of the video, and its name must exactly match the name of the video you specify on YouTube.

Everything, you’re ready to upload a video and you can start uploading it to your channel. In parallel with this, you will need to correctly fill out the form:

For convenience, this image contains descriptions of all important fields that you must fill in with information. The name must match the key phrase. The description should be unique - the optimal size is 500-1500 characters. Everything else is not so important, but better to fill too.

TIP: Use unusual pictures for video. Add an attractive image that will be displayed instead of a random frame, only due to this you can attract a lot of viewers attention to your video.

After completing all the steps to add and optimize a movie, it remains to take the final step - this is a little winding views. It is necessary for it to rise slightly in position and attract the attention of viewers.

This is not difficult at all and does not entail large expenses. You can use different systems:

  1. Wmmail - you can create arbitrary tasks and pay for just one cent (likes, comments, views, share video on social networks, subscribe to the channel).
  2. - here you can order likes, subscriptions, or “do not like” (for competitors) for 63 kopecks, views will cost 12 kopecks / 20 seconds of video.
  3. - it is possible to order anything, depending on the complexity of the actions, the payment is from 3 to 6 cents.
  4. - this service on cheating on social networks is very popular, so your tasks on cheating YouTube will be performed by many performers.

By applying all these tricks, you will certainly achieve a large number of views , but remember that when adding not interesting and not high-quality videos, even your activity will not help to achieve popularity.

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