How to get a loan if you work not officially?

Getting a loan seems like an ideal option for solving financial problems. This is true, there is only one caveat - not everyone is granted loans from banks.

Under the category of people who find it harder to take loans and those who are not officially employed. Solvency is checked first, and if there is no salary, then checks can not be carried out.

Can I get a loan without formal employment? As they say, "If you strongly want, you can fly into space," and the absence of marks in the workbook is not the reason for refusing to issue a loan.

Now you can even get a loan with a damaged credit history, what can we say about people who do not have a stable job.

How to get a loan if you work not officially?

Credit without official work

Before you go to the banks to submit applications, you need to remember all your friends and contact your relatives.

Among them there may be people willing to lend money and this will be a far better option. Given the lack of official work, on favorable terms you get a loan just does not shine .

If you have already done this and close people cannot help you, use one of the following options:

  • look for organizations where loans are issued on documents (for example , only on the passport);
  • borrow money on the security of property (real estate, cars, other valuables);
  • credit cards with a small limit are issued by large banks, even if there is no employment;
  • find a guarantor or co-borrower who would be exactly given a loan;
  • use the services of companies issuing quick loans in small amounts a slight period of
  • try to get money in the debt, via the Internet (or on).

The last option is the most interesting, since when using it, it is not necessary to personally visit the offices of banks.

But there are also disadvantages, such sites give out money at decent interest . If you are interested in this option, be sure to visit the site, which also provides online loans.

How to get a loan if you work not officially?

How to get a loan if you are not working officially?

It also happens that there is no official employment, but you go to work every day .

Banks will take this into account if you receive wages not by hand, but by using a card. Stable incoming card transactions are taken into account by banks as informal incomes and this will have a positive effect when considering an application.

All people who use their earnings on the Internet put their money on cards, and most of them do not work officially.

If it becomes necessary to take a loan, you need to go to the bank where the card is issued. You are their client, and they can track card transactions to make a decision about solvency.

Credit card issuance with a limit is the most common way to get a loan among informally working people. The option is good, but it has many drawbacks:

  • the card is intended for direct payment of purchases;
  • when withdrawing cash a fee is charged;
  • you need to pay money for using.

But there are also pluses. For example, registration can be available via the Internet, and also various bonuses, returns and grace periods are sometimes available.

In popular banks, loans are rarely provided to informally employed people. If you want to try to apply, then choose banks like the Orient Express, Bank of Moscow, Promsvyazbank or Tinkoff.

Without employment, drawn up under the contract, you can take loans. In conclusion, we recommend that you look at where to get a loan on the Internet in order to expand the list of companies to which you can try to send applications.

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