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Today is a short post about working in SEO. Or rather, how to get a job in SEO. From birth, every baby doesn’t even think about becoming a SEO, promoting websites and making money on the Internet. Usually, boys want to become astronauts, and girls want to be doctors. But, this “usually” has already passed, and today the desire has changed. Who wants to become an oligarch, who is a singer, who is someone else. Nobody wants a paste for now 🙂 Well, well, there will be fewer competitors. > What are the simple tips Western guys give to become a good SEO? Where to start?

1. Become an intern

  • Pay for professional advice or personal training - very expensive. In addition, you can offer to work in general for free.

2. Immerse yourself in work

  • Create sites for testing. After reading pairs of books SEO for beginners, start practicing immediately. Try to create websites for the long term.
  • Offer your help to charity organizations. Often these organizations are limited in their personal budget. Free work on optimizing their resources will give good practical experience.

3. Create your own niche

  • You can already combine the knowledge you gain from practice. Perhaps there is not enough experience to the pros, but ... at this stage You already know what and how to do and in which direction to move.
  • Educate others for free. Yes, yes ... It's time to start building your reputation. For money to teach - little knowledge and practice. But for free advice just. So you will earn a reputation.

4. Join the community of professionals

  • Participate in blogs, SEO conferences, communities, forums.
  • Share what you find out with your community.

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