How to find an advertiser? Where to find a direct advertiser?

All webmasters will agree that the best option for monetizing your site is direct collaboration with advertisers.

If you find people interested in placing advertisements on your resource and willing to pay normal money for it, you can forget about advertising services and transferring part of their income to them.

How to find an advertiser for your site? To use direct advertising for monetization, you will have to constantly send bids with offers, but to whom? In this article, we will look at several options for finding contact information for potential advertisers.

How to find an advertiser? Where to find a direct advertiser?

  1. Advertising on other sites . Many webmasters have already collaborated with large companies, and you can use this to find an advertiser. To do this, you need to visit the sites of competitors or projects on similar topics and look for blocks without specifying advertising networks. Then everything is simple - go on advertising, find contact details and send a proposal for cooperation.
  2. Promoted sites . This method practically does not differ from the previous one, only when using it you will not seek advertising from direct advertisers. You need to go to different advertising services and see which sites are moving. If the site owner pays for advertising in any service, then surely your offer of direct cooperation will interest him. The scheme is not different, look for Email or Skype, and then get in touch with a potential advertiser.
  3. Forums . Through online forums, you can find customers for almost any type of service or product. Search advertisers can also be carried out through these sites. In addition to the fact that many advertisers themselves create topics with a proposal for cooperation, you can "go through" on popular forums and add your own advertising.

No matter which of these methods you use, you will need to create a template for reaching potential customers.

How to find an advertiser? Where to find a direct advertiser?

How to write a letter for your appeal?

Do not force a potential advertiser to read too much, make your proposal short and clear. Directly describe what conditions you offer and do not forget to highlight the benefits of the client, that he became interested.

Your website statistics must be attached to your message. The advertiser will definitely want to check the indicators in order to decide how advantageous the offer you are making to him.

Provide as much data as possible, this will have a positive effect on the client's decision. Also do not forget to make a description of the project. In it, indicate on which topic the resource is created, what target audience, what goals you have, and so on.

It may be necessary for you to spend a lot of time searching for advertisers for the site, but such works will not be in vain. Be prepared for the majority of failures and treat them with indifference, because you do not lose anything.

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