How to find a word or phrase online?

The main purpose of the Internet is to search for necessary information.

Sometimes, even when using search engines, it is not possible to quickly find exactly what is required, for beginners with this comes up often. Just one word, indicating in the search bar, may appear inappropriate results.

How to find a word on the Internet? To search for a word, use several search engines at once.

In addition to Yandex and Google, there are Yahoo, Rambler, Mail and Nigma (which search engines are). Through all these systems, you can search and it is quite possible that you will find what you need by changing the search engine.

How to find a word or phrase online?

You need to search for a word on the Internet correctly

If you entered a word in a search engine and even found information pages, but you cannot find because of the large amount of text, use the internal search on the page.

In each browser it is, just open the page and press Ctrl + F , a form will open where you can enter the search word and check how many times it appears on a page:

How to find a word or phrase online?

Sometimes a word search on the Internet is conducted in order to determine how it is spelled correctly. To perform this check, you can simply conduct a search in search engines, and the system will automatically correct the error:

How to find a word or phrase online?

In addition, there are special services for a long time where you can check spelling. One of them, where it is enough to enter a word to get detailed information about it:

How to find a word or phrase online?

In these ways you will find the words and be able to find out how they are spelled correctly, but not all search secrets.

Correct word search in Yandex

This search engine suggests using additional functions to conduct a more accurate search.

The following functions may be useful to you:

  • search for exact phrases on pages (use quotes "earnings");
  • exact search for words ( use the exclamation mark! earnings);
  • search for a phrase with a specific word (on the Internet + earnings);
  • remove unnecessary words from the query (earnings on the Internet);
  • search a word on a specific site (earnings site: Workion. ru).

With the help of these operators (quotes, pluses, minuses, etc.), it’s much easier to search and you’ll get results that you need.

If you don't know If you search for a word on the Internet, you hardly know how to search for a photo.

Not everyone knows how to use a search, so sometimes you can’t find information. Now you know like where you need to search for words and phrases , so you will definitely find what you are looking for.

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