How to find a song that you liked quickly?

Many people have a situation where they have heard great music somewhere, and then you break your head where and how to find it.

Modern technologies allow you to find anything, including music. To find a song, by words or by passage, is quite realistic and you do not need to pay anything for it.

How to find a song you like? You can find any composition through search engines, using online services and special programs.

This article will look at different ways, using them, you will definitely find your favorite song. If you can make a recording on the recorder, be sure to do it, so it’s easier to search.

How to find a song that you liked quickly?

How to find a song for free?

First you need to search for it in Yandex. Just enter the lyrics of the song you memorized. If it is foreign, list everything in the search exactly as you heard (in Russian letters):

How to find a song that you liked quickly?

Sometimes you can find a song even by such requests as "Tu lu la, that lu la. " When some people search for a song, they try to hum it and add it to the forums, and then they are told how to find the song. The simplest option is but such a search is not the most convenient.

How to find and download a song through the programs?

There is a different software for this purpose, and the highest quality is. You can download it on any device or computer. She helps to find music, by recording. So that you understand how this works, we tested it on Android.

Download the Shazam application on Google Play (it is free) and launch:

How to find a song that you liked quickly?

Immediately after launching, this screen appeared. To recognize the music, you need to click on the button in the center of the screen. We press the button and bring it to the computer’s speakers to check how it works:

How to find a song that you liked quickly?

After 10 seconds, the application helped to find the song and its name appeared on the screen. As you can see, the program not only can find, but also provides a link for downloading a song on Google Play.

But you should not do it, because you have to pay money there, and you can download music for free on the Internet.

Alternative ways:

  1. - an online music recognition service. When you go to the main page, you will see a button to start recording. It is made directly from a microphone connected to a computer. In addition to the music track, the service helps to find the clip.
  2. - to use this system, you will need to record an excerpt of the song. It is loaded on the site and after a while the result is issued. Unfortunately, when testing, he did not find a few songs.
  3. is a computer program in which music is recognized through a microphone. Run the software and turn on the music, after which she quickly finds the song. During testing, only 3 of 5 songs were identified.

Thanks to this article, you can now always find a song on the Internet , by words or excerpt, and you no longer have to listen to the radio, to enjoy your favorite composition again. And if you couldn’t find something the first time, use different programs and services.

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