How to find a good SEO optimizer?

Having created a website, it’s not worth hoping that it will reach a leading position. Thousands of people are launching projects, just like you, but to get to the TOP, they use different methods of promotion.

It’s extremely difficult to do your own business, you need to understand SEO, it’s much easier to find a professional.

Where can I find an SEO specialist? Due to the fact that now every second newcomer considers himself "smart", it becomes more and more difficult to find a literate person.

On sites you often see an advertisement like "for $ 20 in the TOP without problems", but all this is just an advertising move, in fact, they will either tear off a lot of money or not help you promote the site at all.

How to find a good SEO optimizer?

How to find a good optimizer?

The best option to find an SEO expert who really helps promote a resource is to go to a popular web studio. An excellent example is where, after registering and setting up a company, the operators are contacted by customers and specify the necessary information.

You can see where to order website promotion, the article presents the best companies. The optimizer and not one, but the whole team always work in their staff. They are engaged in integrated promotion, but it’s not a little money to pay for it.

Sometimes when ordering a website promotion, I don’t just want to pay and put everything on the machine. Many people want to participate in the promotion and therefore prefer to work with private optimizers.

There is also such an opportunity, but in order not to miscalculate and attract an experienced SEO expert, you need to go to the freelance exchanges:

How to find a good SEO optimizer?

Here one of the freelancers who is engaged in integrated promotion of the site. The screenshot was taken from the exchange, where there are still many other professionals.

You can also search for people on the forums, but they will not be able to evaluate reviews, not everyone has a portfolio, and in general, you can stumble upon scammers.

Working with private freelancers is not only cheaper. When you cooperate with a person, not a company, you can ask different questions, clarify different points and so on.

If you don’t find a suitable candidate on the previous exchange, go to FL, there are also many freelancers there:

How to find a good SEO optimizer?

Professionals always have work examples, so you You can appreciate what they can do. It helps to find an SEO specialist and get exactly the results you need.

What to look for?

When ordering site promotion services, you need to be careful. First, you need to talk with an expert and clarify all the important points. Discuss the terms of payment, agree on a specific amount, set deadlines and so on.

Secondly, treat with distrust all those who promise you specific positions within the prescribed period. Not even the most experienced optimizer can say for sure where to promote the site in a week or a month.

Third, be attentive to the reviews and rating. If this is not a freelance market, ask the optimizer for examples of work, and after submitting them, make sure that this is really his job (contact the administrator of the website being promoted).

Fourthly, ask the SEO specialist what methods he plans to promote your project. He should have a clear strategy, and there is no point in concealing it.

If the optimizer does not reveal the secrets of advancement, there is a possibility that he will use prohibited methods. First, your site will rise in the issuance, but after a couple of months will squeeze.

Finding an SEO specialist is not difficult, but it is much more difficult to find a professional who can quickly and inexpensively promote a resource.

As an option, you can even take the time and independently learn some subtleties of advancement. Having learned at least the basics, it will be easier for you to place an order and check the professionalism of the optimizer.

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