How to find a good freelancer? remote worker selection

Being engaged in various activities on the Internet, from time to time there is a need to involve a specialist.

You can find a professional through the Internet, a huge number of people who can help you are registered for freelance exchanges fee.

Finding a good specialist can be very difficult, and there are also fraudsters among freelancers. Use the remote work exchange.

How to find a good freelancer? To do this, you will need to follow several rules and take into account the important points, which we will now tell you about.

How to find a good freelancer? remote worker selection

Choosing the right remote worker

Before presenting the selection criteria for a freelancer, consider several reasons why you may need to use his services:

  • you do not have enough time to do some work (for example, to fill the site),
  • you do not understand HTML, CSS and other intricacies, and your site has problems;
  • you want to become an intermediary between the performers and customers;
  • your online business has become so large that part of the work needs to be passed on to another person;
  • your skills are not enough to carry out any activity (for example, you need to negotiate with foreign partners);
  • you can not work with graphic editors, and you need a new design or original images.

Regardless of the reason for which you decide to contact remote performers, you need to make sure that he is honest and professional.

How to find a good freelancer? remote worker selection

How to do it?

  1. First, check the artist profile. If you work through the freelance exchange, rate its rating in the system. Using contact information, try to find information through search engines. It would not be amiss to ask for data from electronic wallets, which can also be used to check the reliability of a person.
  2. If you are offered to do work at a reduced price, do not be in a hurry to rejoice, it may be a scammer who is trying to lure you. To determine the average cost of a job, look at how much other employers pay on freelance exchanges.
  3. An experienced freelancer must have a portfolio. If you are looking for a designer, then check each of his work for uniqueness, through. If it is a copywriter, then check the uniqueness of the texts through the program. Look for a remote optimizer - check the quality of sites promoted by them, and so on. The most important thing is to get in touch with one of the clients, because his portfolio can be filled with other people's work.
  4. A minor, though, a great way to make sure that you are communicating with a professional is to pay attention to the spelling. Of course, a good programmer or optimizer will not necessarily be a literate writer, but when observing gross errors, one can doubt that the interlocutor is at least an adult.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to check the freelancer for all 100% , so you need to take precautions. Many performers require an advance payment, but it is better not to spend it. Also use for the transactions of guarantors and protection codes, and if the freelancer refuses this, it will already be clear that he is a fraud.

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