How to exit the database of recommended sites Dr. Web?

The protection of Internet users continues to improve and on the one hand this is good.

On the other hand, many webmasters have new problems related to the lack of protection. So, many resources mistakenly fall into the database of antivirus systems, like suspicious sites.

Base of non-recommended sites Dr. Web - a new problem that many site owners have already encountered.

If the site is included in this list, we can assume that all users of this anti-virus will get a notification, and the site may be completely blocked, this will lead to the loss of valuable traffic .

How to exit the database of recommended sites Dr. Web?

By mistake, a huge number of very different sites were added to this database. Perhaps your resource is already in it, you can check on the page.

According to the rules of the company, the following are not recommended:

  • spreading malicious or potentially dangerous software;
  • phishing sites (what is phishing);
  • sites that use social engineering to trick people.

The last item is too extensive. It includes many different types of sites - dubious affiliate programs, online casinos, sites that advertise pyramid schemes, as well as dubious ways to make quick money.

Absolutely exactly every site that advertises magic wallets or miraculous drugs that do not exist in nature gets into the database.

What should I do if the site is in the database?

If after checking your resource you saw the inscription "is in the database of unwanted Dr. Web sites", you need to deal with the reason .

The above are criteria for adding sites, if your project does not fit to any of them, then feel free to write in support. Practice has already shown that in most cases an employee is met to meet:

How to exit the database of recommended sites Dr. Web?

If you did not advertise the pyramids, did not create phishing sites and do not distribute malware, your resource may have been hacked. Learn how to protect the site from hacking, so that this does not happen again.

Anti-virus systems can block a quality resource by mistake, but in most cases there are reasons. Be careful and do not try to deceive visitors, sooner or later it will lead to huge problems.

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