How to evaluate the quality of the article? copywriter performance evaluation

Copywriting exchanges are ideal for getting a large number of articles that can be placed on your own website. When using such projects, webmasters significantly reduce their labor costs and are able to quickly fill their resources.

The only important point is the quality of the texts, unfortunately, it is not always satisfactory. How to fix it? If you plan to work with exchanges for a long time, then in parallel with the purchase of articles, create white lists of authors. In the future, it will help you get texts from trusted copywriters.

How to evaluate the quality of the article? copywriter performance evaluation

Buying quality content

Before you add another author to the white list, you need to make an assessment of the quality of his work. How to evaluate the quality of the article? This can be done using several criteria:

  1. Semantic load. The material can be considered qualitative only if the semantic content of the article clearly stands out and does not overlap with plenty of water. In addition, the copywriter from whom you order or buy an article may be a pro, but in a different subject, so the basic idea of ​​writing the text will be blurred. After purchasing several articles, be sure to check if you understand the idea of ​​the author as a reader.
  2. The style of presentation. Some copywriters make up texts from a third person, and some from the first. Someone tries to become “their own” for readers, while others present a text composed by a professional. Depending on the general style of presentation of information on your site, you need to decide which authors express the information in the form you need.
  3. Literacy. A very important indicator that is not difficult to verify. The author of the articles must be literate and there should not be any grammatical, punctuation, stylistic and other errors in his works. To perform a spell check, you can use services such as.
  4. Uniqueness. There are many programs for verifying uniqueness, and in these programs you can set various settings. The most high-quality program is, in the settings, set the shingle of words equal to three, so you can conduct a thorough check of the texts and highlight the best.
  5. Optimization. Top quality articles are optimized articles. If you are a webmaster, you should have at least minimal knowledge of SEO. If the author adds keywords to the texts, different lists and structures the material, then this is a good reason to add it to the white list.

How to evaluate the quality of the article? copywriter performance evaluation

It’s not easy to make a qualitative assessment of the work of a copywriter, but by evaluating for each criterion, it will be easier for you to draw conclusions. Want to get high-quality texts for your site? Find competent and good authors.

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