How to enter keywords correctly? setting keys to text

If you ask any experienced copywriter, optimizer or website owner what optimized articles are, then almost every one of them will say that this is a text containing keywords. Of course, the presence of keys in the article is not the only indicator of optimization, but one of the most important.

Besides the fact that you need to add certain requests when writing each article, you need to correctly enter them into the content. If you do not set keywords qualitatively, search engines may consider this to be black SEO, and this will adversely affect promotion. That is why every article writer should know how to enter keywords correctly.

How to enter keywords correctly? setting keys to text

Subtleties of installing keys into text

  1. To begin with, it is better not to specify keywords in the first paragraph of the text. The optimal position of requests - from the middle of the text and below.
  2. Be sure to select the keys to be added, in various ways of formatting (bold, underlined, etc.).
  3. Place keywords in headings and subheadings. So that they do not repeat often, dilute them (insert words between them, use the plural, etc.).
  4. The text must contain direct entries, i.e., the keyword is unchanged.
  5. When installing the key, it is necessary to maintain the semantic component, that is, to correctly set up the request so that the reader does not have difficulty in studying the information.
  6. You need to set keywords in articles that are thematically appropriate for them.

Also, one of the important rules for setting keywords is to maintain their density. If you specify too small a percentage of keywords, then the article will not be relevant enough. If, on the contrary, add too many requests, it will be spamming and search engines can impose fines for this.

The optimal key concentration is 2-7% of the total number of words. It is necessary to choose this value depending on the total number of words, the larger it is, the higher the percentage should be.

How to enter keywords correctly? setting keys to text

For example, if you compose a text of 100 words (for example, a description of a product), then 2-3% concentration will be quite enough. If the text is stretched by 400-600 words, then the concentration can be increased to 7%.

Calculate the percentage of concentration is very simple, when set to 2%, you set 2 keys for every hundred words. If you work as a copywriter, then you will definitely have to deal with customers who do not correctly indicate the level of concentration.

Before you place an order for a density above 7%, be sure to discuss this point. Some customers deliberately overstate this indicator, no need to argue, do the work for which you are paid.

IMPORTANT: When counting the number of words, do not need to consider stop words. With the help of Textus Pro, you can calculate the number of words, without prepositions of alliances, etc. this article. It doesn’t matter why you write articles, the quality of the entered keys will be appreciated by both search engines and customers.

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