How to enter a locked casino?

Online casino lovers have had a serious problem since 2012. Then the law was passed to create a single registry, which got sites filled with prohibited content.

Gambling is prohibited in Russia, so many casinos are no longer available, but there are ways to solve this problem.

The casino is blocked, what to do? If your favorite game resource is also in the registry, you can still use it.

Different Internet providers treat the registry differently, so they do not always block resources. In addition, you can always access the network through another country .

How to enter a locked casino?

There are many ways to enter the site (not necessarily gaming) that has been added to the registry. The fact that the casino is not available, does not speak about its dishonesty or low quality.

To demonstrate an example, let's move to a casino (this brand is quite famous, the casino has impeccable reputation):

How to enter a locked casino?

As you can see, access to the resource is blocked. But if you use the service, you can remove all locks in a couple of seconds. In this service, you can select the country from which you will go to the site:

How to enter a locked casino?

Insert the site address and select the country from the drop-down list and click " Open " . Immediately the required site is loaded, only the language on it automatically changes, so you have to change it manually:

How to enter a locked casino?

Nothing complicated, but this method has a minus - the connection speed will be greatly reduced . It all depends on the load on the IP address, if a lot of people use it besides you, it will become too slow.

When using third-party IPs, it is advisable to choose a proxy from your country so that the casino administration doesn’t have unnecessary questions.

In addition, the use of services is not always suitable, as individual elements may not work. For example, if slots do not work, then it makes sense to use this method in general. If you have to face this, try to go through other countries.

Other ways to enter a blocked casino

In addition to the above described method, there are other options for visiting a banned resource. Most importantly, try to use stable IP , because for their frequent change, they can block the account:

  1. With the help of the GatherProxy Scraper program you can connect to the Internet from third-party proxy servers. This method is the best, and in order not to lose Internet speed, learn how to find the fastest proxies.
  2. Some browsers have Turbo modes that not only help increase the speed of data loading, but also bypass the registry. There is such a mode in Yandex browser and opera, try to activate it and check access in the casino.
  3. In order not to bother yourself in complex ways and not to switch to other browsers, you can install special plugins for yourself (Hola, ZenMate, friGate). They also use proxies (change your network address).
  4. If you want to use a stable way and not encounter problems, buy a VPN. These are special programs and settings that help to constantly log into the network anonymously (look at).
  5. There are special browsers from which you can even access a blocked site. One of those is Tor, in which the highest security. But there is a minus, your actions will be monitored.
  6. You won’t believe it, but you can even visit the sites added to the registry through translators. Try to open a blocked website in Google or Yandex translators, but the functionality there will be limited.

Now you know how to bypass the registry of prohibited sites and can collect all the no deposit bonuses in online casinos. On the one hand, the actions of Roskomnadzor are fully justified, it is time to clean up the Internet, but on the other hand, those projects that work honestly fall under its sanctions.

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