How to earn, spend and withdraw QIWI?

Several payment systems are functioning in RuNet. In the list of leaders in popularity are three companies, it is Webmoney, and Yandex. Money. In each of these systems, many users are registered, and millions of payments are made through them every day.

I would like to talk separately about QIWI wallets , which since 2006 have collected a huge popularity. When registering, users are asked to indicate the phone number that is attached to the wallet and is its number. That is, to transfer money to another wallet, it is enough to know the recipient's phone number.

Since the advent of this system, much has changed, and its functionality has been upgraded more than once. Today, having a QIWI wallet, you can make various transfers, keep expenses, receive payments on it and much more.

How to earn, spend and withdraw QIWI?

Where to spend QIWI?

Through this system, you can buy various goods, pay for services and much more. It is very convenient that the system provides for the creation of templates with payment.

Who needs this? Those who pay loans. In order not to visit different banks, you create several templates in your wallet, throw money through the usual multicash and pay in different banks, sitting at a computer at home.

In the article spend Webmoney we presented several services. Practically on each of them QIWI money can be used (Mobile Wallet RUB is equivalent to Russian rubles). Particularly worth mentioning is the store that sells cheap Chinese goods.

How to withdraw QIWI?

You can withdraw money from this payment system, there are several ways to do this:

  • Unistream money transfers.
  • Anelik Money Transfers.
  • Cash transfer to Visa, MasterCard and Maestro cards.
  • CONTACT money transfers.

To perform the output, go to the appropriate section and select the output method. When choosing a transfer to a bank card, you only need to fill out a simple form:

How to earn, spend and withdraw QIWI?

QIWI electronic cards.
It is very convenient that the QIWI payment system provides the ability to order cards. You can order both an electronic card and a plastic one, in total 3 types of cards are offered:

How to earn, spend and withdraw QIWI?

The second card (QIWI Visa Card) is electronic, it is issued free of charge for 2 years. After its execution, you will receive the usual card number, which can be used to receive or withdraw funds. The account in this case is integrated with the electronic wallet account.

Where can this come in handy? For example, to use PayPal, where you need to bind the card to the account. Considering that the balance will be one, it will be enough for you to throw money on QIWI so that they appear on the card.

Where to earn QIWI money?

Payments to the QIWI e-wallet are not provided for in all services. Beginners are ideally suited to use the Seosprint project, where you can receive money for completing assignments, for example, by registering on a website or writing a comment on a blog.

In addition to this system, you can use such projects as Wmmail (also a click sponsor), Advego or Etxt (content exchanges), Rucaptcha (solving a captcha), or Prospero (earnings in social networks).

How to earn, spend and withdraw QIWI?

How to earn, spend and withdraw QIWI?

In most cases, these sites provide output to Webmoney, but you can not worry about it.

It will take you several minutes to register with Webmoney (use our instructions).

When you receive payment on Webmoney, use the project and make an exchange for QIWI money:

How to earn, spend and withdraw QIWI?

This service will help you find the most profitable exchange rate of electronic money, and You can instantly transfer money from Webmoney to QIWI.

In general, the QIWI payment system is a stable resource and differs from its analogs in low commission rates. Using an electronic wallet is very simple, and after registering, customers get a lot of opportunities.

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