How to earn sites services? | Workion. ru

People often have good ideas for websites or programs, but because they don’t have any idea how to monetize such projects, no action is taken.

You should not refuse to realize your plans, because even a free game or any other project can be profitable.

How to make money on a free service? This article will consider all the schemes for generating income from projects of various formats.

It doesn't matter if the program is for mobile devices, playing on social networks or some website with statistics. Absolutely everything can be turned into a money generator , you just need to find a suitable way.

How to earn sites services? | Workion. ru

A great example of a project in which people can play the lottery for free and win real money - Social Chance. The site has added a lot of advertising, the traffic to the resource is high.

Due to this, developers collect the necessary amounts for payments, but this is only one of the many monetization schemes:

  1. Extending the functionality is the most popular earnings scheme for a free project , it is used even by social networks. You can sit in them for free, but you have to pay for additional features.
  2. Trial period - from the name it is already clear that customers get a trial version for free, and then they have to pay. For sites you can develop temporary rates.
  3. Advertising - added to the site pages, mobile applications and any other projects. In the example about which we told at the beginning of the article, this method is used.
  4. Sponsorship - more suitable for promising projects. On the Internet you can find wealthy people who are ready to invest in development. That is how it appeared to all known.
  5. Fundraising - helped the popular encyclopedia to continue to exist. People supported the project and "threw off" money. This method is suitable for useful programs and sites.
  6. Additional products - you can offer to the free project. An excellent example is shown by Gillette. They sell machines at a low price (almost free), and the blades for them are expensive.
  7. Extending functions is similar to the first model, but here it is not necessary to pay and, there are no new functions. A good example where users can increase disk space for money.
  8. Commissions from operations can be received if any transactions are conducted on the site. For example, at auctions users do not take money, they are free, but when selling a lot, the administration takes part of the amount.
  9. Sale of goods - requires their creation and implementation of the target audience. For blogs, ideal. For example, you can create an e-book and sell it. The site itself remains free, the electronic product should be of interest to Central Asia.
  10. Affiliate programs - in every niche you can find companies engaged in similar activities. For example, you will create a program to search for keywords, and through it you will advertise.
How to earn sites services? | Workion. ru

So we figured out what internet services work for free from. Examples can be given as much as you like, because the same Yandex is a free search engine, but the company's revenues amount to millions of dollars.

Do not throw a good idea into the abyss , do what you have invented, monetize it for sure.

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