How to earn Raiblocks (MRAI, XRB), sound captcha

Earnings on cryptocurrencies are now relevant, but most users consider only Bitcoins.

Collecting these coins is extremely difficult, mining brings a penny, the complexity of mining has greatly increased. Therefore, it makes sense to consider alternatives, they also really raise good money.

The Raiblock cryptocurrency (XRB, MRAI) is very different from other altcoins in the way they are extracted. It is impossible to mine and cannot be bought at any stock exchange yet.

These are new tokens that are gaining popularity. Their developers do not collect investments (like other ICO start-ups), they offer earnings on entering sound captcha.

How to earn Raiblocks (MRAI, XRB), sound captcha

MRAI cryptocurrency, how does it differ from analogs?

There is a lot of information in the burzhunet about this crypt, to she is interested in foreigners. According to some news, it will soon be added to the popular stock exchange.

While coins are mined only with the expectation. Judging by the indicators, reviews and statistics, the rate of this altcoin will grow.

The main difference between XRB and other cryptocurrencies is the only way to get through captcha. You can not set up mining, the developers came up with a new distribution scheme, which was the main reason for the great popularity.

We already told about this currency in the article about earnings on captcha with Claimers. This service also uses the official Raiblock website, but allows you to display BTC.

Initially, the system used the usual text captcha. Professionals quickly created bots for Raiblock and began to collect free coins on the machine.

The developers began to react to this, complicate the captcha and as a result, a sound check on bots appeared. It is almost impossible to get around.

Features and properties of Raiblock:

  • there is no transfer fee;
  • 1 XRB = 1 MRAI = 10 * 30 RAW;
  • distributed 17,000 XRB per hour at the start;
  • the bonus is collected every hour;
  • over 50% of the coins are distributed in the first year;
  • transactions are executed instantly;
  • support for micro transactions;
  • popularity is growing all over the world;
  • the small size of the blockchain;
  • easy to use.

Most of the questions from newbies are related to the withdrawal and exchange of XRB. At the moment it is available only on 2 little-known exchanges (s). Basically, the currency change in the forums. I recently stumbled on an offer with payment of 20 Satoshi for each MRAI coin.

The rate of Raiblocks against the dollar

In July 2017, Bitcoin cost almost $ 2,000, and now its rate is about $ 5,000. Gain of about 250%. Big figure? The course MRAI (XRB) from July to August 2017 increased by 600%. Based on this, the holders of these coins have earned even more money in keeping altcoins:

How to earn Raiblocks (MRAI, XRB), sound captcha

Now the rate has dropped slightly, to about 7. 5 cents for 1 coin. However, analysts have repeatedly argued that the trend should rise even higher. Distribution of tokens continues, interest in it grows, and this will ensure positive dynamics.

How to earn Raiblock (sound captcha)?

We have already said that the extraction of this crypt is conducted only by solving a captcha. So far this is the only method of its collection.

To start, you need to download the wallet from your official website to your computer. Go to, there you will see two large buttons on the main page:

How to earn Raiblocks (MRAI, XRB), sound captcha

First, click Downloads and select the appropriate version of the client application. There are versions for Linux, Windows and MAC. There is nothing to tell about the wallet, who used at least one other account of cryptocurrencies, will figure it out without any problems.

When the wallet is opened and the XRB address is received, click on the second button (Get coins). This page will appear:

How to earn Raiblocks (MRAI, XRB), sound captcha

The total volume of the coins that were distributed as well as the percentage ratio is presented at the top. It is planned to fully distribute tokens for 532 days. Huge amounts are allocated daily (equivalent to more than 8 BTC) for payments to those who solve captcha.

After clicking on the Claiming link, you need to specify your account number and solve the audio captcha:

How to earn Raiblocks (MRAI, XRB), sound captcha

How much you get for entering a captcha is unknown, the rewards are constantly changing. Their size decreases as they gather within an hour.

Remuneration is accrued only to 200 TOP-users. But the more you solve captcha, the more chances to get to the TOP 200 in the next hour.

Bot for Raiblock, where can I get it?

When the distribution of coins and Captcha was simple, you could use different programs and algorithms. Raiblock does not work for some people at all.

No robots can identify the sound captcha, you need to listen to which numbers are pronounced, then enter them in a special field.

All old instructions and articles went into oblivion, although prior to the introduction of a sound check, the relevance of the bots evaporated, because the captcha was constantly improved and it was easier to enter it with your own hands, the bots could not cope with this task.

How to earn Raiblocks (MRAI, XRB), sound captcha

Raiblocks Crane - expert review

More and more materials appear on the cryptocurrency network, but not all of them are compiled by professionals. We contacted one of the experienced miners who have their own forum on a relevant topic and a small farm. This is what he thinks about XRB:

Because of the increased interest from foreign miners, I was personally interested in the currency MRAI. Apparently, she has great prospects, private money changers are flooded with offers to buy a crypt.

The idea is realized interesting, not a single cryptocurrency has ever been distributed exclusively through a captcha. Especially on the official sites rarely found cranes. Here everything is packaged together.

Otherwise, this is no different from analogs, the same convenient and simple wallet, gradually the currency is added to the exchanges, the rate will definitely grow. Collecting XRB is not difficult, and if it is promising, then you should not miss this opportunity.

There are enough similar records and comments on the Internet. Many professionals truly believe in the great future of the Raiblocks. Doubts will always be, someone in the Bitcoins at the time did not believe.

Attention should be paid to new cryptocurrencies, because their courses can jump at least 100 times at any time. We recommend beginners to learn more about altcoins



Someone from the start began to introduce captcha on Raiblocks and collect coins, after the appreciation, received a solid profit.

If we take into account the current figure, then every hour came about $ 3. But not all were given bonuses, but only 200 users. Even a schoolboy can handle the captcha, it’s worth trying to start, all the more you don’t need investments.

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