How to earn on Adster using the site

Experienced Internet users already know that for decent earnings in the network, you need to generate traffic.

Simply put, you need to gather people through some kind of advertising space or advertising network. This is not so easy to do, and it may take years to develop resources, but this opens up serious prospects.

Monetization of any traffic on, this is one of the most profitable and versatile ways of earning.

In this system, several methods of monetization are offered at once, both for site owners and arbitration officers. The company cooperates with several large advertising services, it can be trusted.

How to earn on Adster using the site

How to make money on the site with an Adster?

Affiliate program users are invited to place a suitable ad, along with three popular projects.

Cooperation has already been concluded with, and. Each of their ad networks offers separate types of ad units, but the profit in any case comes from clicks.

To start earning with Adster, you need to add your site there, and it must meet the minimum requirements:

  • from 300 unique visitors per day;
  • site for Russian speakers users;
  • the content should not violate the laws of the Russian Federation;
  • attendance statistics.

Registration takes a couple of minutes, after adding the site, you will need to install the code. The moderators will check everything again, and the profits will begin to flow. If you plan to engage in traffic arbitration, then you just need to register.

Ads Formats

There are several types of ads for webmasters to choose from for placement on their websites. As already mentioned, the main advertising services work in different directions, so agreements were concluded with several projects at once:

  1. Display advertising is the best format for the site to look modern and advertising is unusual . Widgets for advanced webmasters, interactive banners and links are offered. The most famous and branded products will be advertised through your site:
  2. How to earn on Adster using the site
  3. Teaser ads are the most common format for advertising. There are also a lot of customers for teasers, so the best options will be selected with any topic. CPCs are high, only quality ads are advertised. Any type of site is suitable, starting with young blogs and ending with sites about everything:
  4. How to earn on Adster using the site
  5. Contextual advertising is a solid advertising format that is available only to owners of well-promoted sites. Here, conditions are not high, and payments can be received for views. In your account, you can set up a variety of parameters for a beautiful ad block:
  6. How to earn on Adster using the site

Each partner who adds his site to the Adster receives payments up to the 25th day. The minimum amount depends on the chosen withdrawal method:

How to earn on Adster using the site

Adster testimonials indicate that money is received without delay. And if you do not have your own site, but strongly want to work with this site, use the referral system. You will be given 5% of the income of invited webmasters.

Basically all sorts of goods are advertised through the Adster affiliate program. They are taken from the most popular resources, so there’s no doubt about the quality. Well, how much you manage to make money depends on the quality of the site.

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