How to earn more on teasers? tips on making money on teasers

Various methods are used to monetize sites, but most often this is the use of advertising.

You can place ads in various formats, and webmasters try to take advantage of such options that will fit perfectly into the design, will not “scare” visitors, and will have good CTR.

Teaser ads are ideally suited for all parameters of a qualitative type of resource monetization. As with any other option, you need to strive for maximum return. How to earn more on teasers? There are several tricks to help you get more profit from teaser ads.

How to earn more on teasers? tips on making money on teasers

6 tips on making money on teasers

  1. The popularity of the advertising service. Your profit depends on how popular the teaser advertising service is. Now there are quite a few such projects, but before you make a choice, carefully review the reviews and compare the statistics. The more authoritative the advertising service, the more advertisers on it. In addition, CPC prices can be much higher. In the article Teaser monetization of the site, we talked about one of the best services.
  2. Design teasers. It will be perfect if you can customize the appearance of teasers so that they fit well into the overall design of your project. Of course, they will stand out a little, but it is better that the colors are from the same range. Also try to find the appropriate size of ad units.
  3. Location. From what part of the site advertising will be installed depends on its clickability. There are some of the best areas where teasers need to be installed - side panels, content and footer.
  4. Percentage of advertising. Blocks with advertising installed on the site should be in limited quantities. When among advertisements it becomes difficult to make out where the menu or other important elements are located, this has a negative effect on clickability. A lot of advertising on the site is not the right way to increase revenue.
  5. Advertising filters. Large advertising services provide filters with which you can control the content of teasers. If there is a functional, be sure to use it, taking into account the age category of your visitors, as well as the interests of the target audience. Agree, it is pointless to advertise flower shops on construction sites.
  6. Conducting experiments. If you manage to increase profits from teasers, do not stop there. Try to move blocks, use different designs, apply different filters, and so on. Under each site you need to look for individual ways to increase conversion.

How to earn more on teasers? tips on making money on teasers

You can earn a lot more money on your website without harming promotion and optimization. Teaser blocks do not have a negative impact on site promotion , and if you set them up correctly, the profit may be several times higher.

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