How to earn loans on Jetswap?

Internet users constantly need services with which they could earn money and wind up site traffic.

Especially for beginners, such systems have already been created and there are quite a lot of them. The best mailers are ideal for this, but you can use specialized projects.

Website promotion and earnings for this is an excellent option for both a novice webmaster and a moneymaker.

This system has been operating since 2003, it has more than 160,000 users registered and advertised over 30,000 sites. Earn here as easy as ordering free visits to sites.

How to earn loans on Jetswap?

Order visitors to the site with Jetswap

After completing the normal registration, you can simply top up the balance and order transitions to the site. If you don’t want to spend money, use surfing and get credits in order to spend it on orders.

First of all, after registering, add your website, for this you need to select the "Advertising" section and proceed to adding a website:

How to earn loans on Jetswap?

Under the form you want to enter Website URL, there are settings, you can not touch them, but simply scroll down the page and click "Save." After that, a new entry will appear in the "Site Management" section:

How to earn loans on Jetswap?

In order for the site to be viewed by people, you need to transfer credits to the task. To do this, click on the account, and the page with the transfer of funds will appear:

How to earn loans on Jetswap?

Here you just need to specify the number of credits and click "Run". After completing these steps, people will enter your site, and you can earn credits and periodically replenish the balance of the task.

How to earn credits on Jetswap?

There are several types of surfing available in this system, some of which are available only to webmasters. You can see the full list and descriptions of all types of surfing in your account:

How to earn loans on Jetswap?

For example, if you use IFrame-surfing, you will need to place a special code on your website. A frame will appear on the site, where various sites will be displayed.

A peculiar exchange of visitors, but it is better not to use such methods, since this has a negative effect on website promotion.

In your account there is a section "Referrals". Get there a special link and invite new users to the system. From their income you will be charged 5%, the same comes from advertisers, and if there are many referrals, the percentage increases (from performers to 50%, from advertisers to 20%).

The best option for earning credits is the usual visit to other people's resources (this can also be used to earn money). Go to manual or automatic surfing and start browsing available sites.

There are not always many sites, so it’s better to go to the "SafeSurf" section and install a special program:

How to earn loans on Jetswap?

Turn on autosurfing and click "Start" to Your computer has automatic transitions. Put all the checkboxes in the "Allow" section to get the maximum profit. Alternatively, you can even put the launch of the program along with the launch of Windows, so that it always works.

How to withdraw credits from Jetswap?

You will be credited for the work done on the site. It is impossible to withdraw them, so you first have to exchange them for money. This is done through a special exchange (account menu section. Loan exchange):

How to earn loans on Jetswap?

Find the right amount of loans sold and choose the best price. Put a tick and press the button for sale. Money is immediately credited to the balance, so again we open the Account section and proceed to withdrawing money.

First you need to activate this function (the code is sent to Email) and specify the purse number in the account settings. After that, you can choose where to transfer funds:

How to earn loans on Jetswap?

As you can see, for withdrawal to Webmoney, it is enough to collect only 10 cents. There is also the possibility of output to the phone number.

In order to get maximum benefits from

, it’s better not to withdraw money, but spend it on surfing. No site? Not a problem, add referral links from other sites (for example, attract employees to Wmmail).

The Jetswap system, although not the most popular, often comes in handy. When you need to quickly and inexpensively increase attendance, just look at several sites and make an order.

Autosurfing in website promotion also helps, because visitors are real people who may like the resource and they will go to it all the time.

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