How to earn in the game Ghostbusters?

Sitting on the Internet and getting rich is quite realistic, especially since many investment projects have been created for this.

Even games have appeared where users have fun and get real money for e-wallets. You will learn about one of these projects from this article, it is young, but promising.

A new game for making money Ghostbusters has already begun to generate income for players who have hired ghost hunters.

Developers generously shower new users with bonuses and offer not only to follow the game story, but also to make profit in other ways (affiliate program and contests).

How to earn in the game Ghostbusters?

The game is closed

In general, this economic game is not much different from its counterparts. After passing the registration, you need to buy characters so that they catch ghosts.

Everything is very simple, and when you log into your profile, you will find 2500 plasmas (this is game currency). In addition to this bonus, the first deposits give an additional 30% and 100 rubles , if the amount is more than 2000 rubles.

The characters stand differently, but they also catch a different number of ghosts. In any case, you will need to pay at least 15 rubles to get another 1500 plasma and buy the cheapest hunter for 4000 plasma:

How to earn in the game Ghostbusters?

Please note that the heroes have a term of employment, but do not worry, they have time to pay off. To prove it, let's do the calculations. Garrett is worth 10,000 plasma or 100 rubles. He catches 630 ghosts per hour, 15120 ghosts per day are released.

After studying them, 151. 2 prisms (1. 5 rubles) are credited to the balance. For 90 days of his hiring runs 135 rubles. If you buy characters more expensive, the difference between expenses and income will be more obvious.

Questions about the game Ghost hunters

To introduce you to a new project, we decided to answer a few common questions. The general essence of the project is clear to those who have already played economic games, but beginners may not know about something or just get confused:

  1. How to register for Ghostbusters? Go to the registration button, fill out the form. There is no evidence here.
  2. How to earn in the game Ghostbusters?
  3. Can I earn money on Ghostbusters without investments? In addition to the welcome bonus, plasma is charged when collecting a daily bonus, for attracting referrals and participating in contests.
  4. What contests does the Ghostbusters organizer hold? The administration holds 3 contests at once, as soon as from 10 to 20 participants gather. Prizes are given to the most active referrals, authors of video reviews who have collected maximum views, and occasional users who have made a repost from the official VK game group.
  5. How to earn in the game Ghostbusters?
  6. Is there an affiliate program on Ghostbusters? Yes, with the replenishment of guest players accrued 10%.
  7. How to deposit and withdraw money from Ghostbusters? All operations on this site are carried out through Payeer, and from this payment system you can replenish and withdraw money to any other payment systems or cards.
  8. How to earn in the game Ghostbusters?

The functional in the game is not so wide, but everything you need is there. By the way, the resulting plasma for an account for withdrawal can be advantageously exchanged for a balance for purchases (an additional 10% is charged).

Use referral recruitment methods, until the game has become popular, you can develop your networks well and receive passive income.

The cartoon Ghostbusters has enough fans and now they can earn with pleasure. The game is simple, but the income is stable, so it’s worth registering as early as possible and buying at least one character so that he starts bringing profit.

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