How to earn $ 200 on selling articles? Where to sell articles?

Earnings on copywriting is accompanied by many questions. The most popular of them, is it possible to earn a lot from writing articles and how to learn a lot to sell articles on the exchanges.

There is a lot of information on this topic on the web, but in most cases it is superficial and no one calls specific amounts.

How to earn $ 200 on selling articles? You can be sure that such a sum can really be earned on copywriting.

Experienced authors get many times more, and writing articles is their main source of profit. Even by combining writing articles with work outside the Internet, you can earn $ 200.

How to earn $ 200 on selling articles? Where to sell articles?

Ways of making money by selling articles

So that no one has any doubt that we are not cunning, here are the statistics on sales with one of the exchanges:

How to earn $ 200 on selling articles? Where to sell articles?

As you see, with the sale of 4 articles, we managed to gain a little more than 650 rubles, and in a day it is quite possible to cope with this amount of work even for a beginner. According to the most conservative estimates, $ 200 (at the rate of 60 rubles), it will take about 20 days to work actively.

It is much more difficult for beginners to “make their way” in a copywriting niche, because until you get a good reputation, not many buyers will actively buy materials.

At the start of your career it is better to set a reduced price for your articles. But in this case have to work more? Yes, you need to count on perspectives, each author starts small and gradually develops.

How to sell articles correctly?

To buy your work even at an inflated price, you need to learn how to use professional copywriting. The basic rule is the search and use of keywords.

Buyers always pay attention to optimized texts, so, before writing an article, go in and select keywords.

An equally important point is the subject matter of the articles. Now materials on the following topics are in the greatest demand:

  • Repair and construction;
  • Auto (reviews, news);
  • Beauty and health (female subjects )
  • Travel and tourism (for example, information about resorts);
  • Finance (online earnings);
  • Cooking (recipes).

There are many other categories of articles on the exchanges. Writing on topics in demand is good, but the competition in them is heightened. That is why it is better for authors to select topics according to their interests. It is impossible to write a literate text if you do not understand the chosen topic at all.

Where is the best place to sell articles?

The choice of exchanges is also one of the important points for a newbie. Now there are many of them, but not many buyers alike are on all the exchanges. If you want your materials to see as many potential buyers as possible, then use the following systems:

  • (there is a minimum payment);
  • (check each article for different parameters);
  • (the best option for a beginner, with the lowest rates).

Whoever says anything about the high competition among the copywriters on these exchanges, there are more buyers for them and this is the main factor for quick sales. To see this, try the experiment, add 10 articles to each exchange ( with similar content ) and see where they will be bought faster.

Now you know how much you can earn on articles, which exchange to work with and how to work properly. An income of $ 200 for a copywriter is far from the limit, and if you consider such activities as additional work, then this is one of the best options.

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