How to earn 20 dollars? | Workion. ru

Not everyone who plans to use Internet earnings needs a lot of money. Some people only partially reduce their costs, for example, to pay for the Internet and cellular communications.

It takes 20-30-30 dollars a month, which you can easily earn online, even nothing studying How to earn 20 dollars? There are lots of ways to get this amount, but for beginners who are not going to learn anything and don’t invest a penny, it’s best to pay attention to click-through sponsors.

These are special systems where simple tasks are constantly added, and you can earn as much money as you need to complete them.

How to earn 20 dollars? | Workion. ru

Where can I get $ 20 on the Internet?

We will tell you in detail what you need to do to get such an amount, but before this recall that without an electronic wallet you can not do.

Open an account in the Webmoney system, since almost all services work with this payment system, and through a virtual wallet, you can directly manage expenses. When you open the wallet (take 5-6 minutes), you can register on the sites for earnings.

For beginners, the best option is to use Wmmail and Seosprint.

How to earn 20 dollars? | Workion. ru

How to earn 20 dollars? | Workion. ru

How to earn 20 dollars? | Workion. ru

How to earn 20 dollars? | Workion. ru

Both systems are far from working the first year, and through them already earns more than half a million users. Think you can't handle it? For example, we will now complete a couple of tasks and present you with visual instructions.

How to use Wmmail?

To begin with, we will use the most popular click system in which you can earn in different ways.

The most profitable option is the execution of tasks, which are almost 6000 at the moment. To start their implementation, go to the “Tasks” section and choose:

How to earn 20 dollars? | Workion. ru

After clicking on the job title, detailed information on its execution appears.

Be careful, you need to do exactly what the advertiser requires, otherwise they may be denied payment. We chose a simple task with the following requirements:

How to earn 20 dollars? | Workion. ru

We read, understood everything and clicked on "start task execution".

Next, the site opens, in our case, this is Yandex, where you need to specify one of the requests specified by the advertiser:

How to earn 20 dollars? | Workion. ru

In issuing it is the first one, therefore we go to it and fulfill the remaining requirements of the advertiser. All that is needed is to make 5-7 transitions and send links to them in the report.

To do this, we return to the description of the task and at the bottom we see a special button:

How to earn 20 dollars? | Workion. ru

After pressing it, a form opens where you need to insert 5-7 links, received during the assignment:

How to earn 20 dollars? | Workion. ru

We send the report and wait until its creator checks that you have fulfilled all the conditions correctly. Immediately after this money will come to your account for the work.

How to make money on Seosprint?

In fact, the work is almost the same, here you can also perform identical tasks. Pay here in rubles, and about 3 times more jobs. Also after registration you need to go to the list and select one of the options:

How to earn 20 dollars? | Workion. ru

As well as on the previous project, after clicking on the title, the task details open:

How to earn 20 dollars? | Workion. ru

The advertiser’s requirements are itemized, everything is simple and straightforward. As you can see, here the field with information about the report is written separately - IP address and time of registration. If you understand everything, you can click on the green button and start the task.

First we enter the group, and then we find the link to the game, as indicated in the assignment:

How to earn 20 dollars? | Workion. ru

We pass a simple registration in the game, with the filling of the usual form:

How to earn 20 dollars? | Workion. ru

Now on the page with the description of the task you need to fill out the form. According to the requirements, you need to specify your IP address and the time of registration in the game:

How to earn 20 dollars? | Workion. ru

The system determines your IP and presents it above the report, just copy it to the report. As for time, it is better to indicate Moscow time, since all statistics usually work on it. Everything, we send the report and we wait for receipt of money.

As you can see, in both cases we performed the simplest actions that any newcomer can easily cope with. Money can be withdrawn on Webmoney, and then pay for the phone or the Internet or display them on the card. How much you can earn depends only on you, profit is unlimited.

And how else can you earn $ 20?

In addition to mailers, you can earn this amount with the help of other systems. For example, you can use the earnings in social networks or even copywriting. You can get money in social networks for help in cheating or advertising.

Through systems such as:

  • ;
  • ;
  • Prospero;
  • Forumok.

You will find many available tasks for setting likes, joining groups, adding friends, placing advertisements in a profile, and so on. You will be paid money for each of them, and it is as easy to carry them out as on Wmmail.

As for copywriting, this is a more complicated type of work, since you have to write articles. Although working a little harder, but the profit can be many times more. Write texts on any topic and sell them on exchanges:

  • ;
  • Etxt;
  • TextSale.

Each of these exchanges has thousands of buyers who need articles to fill their sites. Someone may find it too complicated, but before drawing conclusions, look at what materials are now being sold on one of the exchanges:

How to earn 20 dollars? | Workion. ru

Authors write about anything and set their own prices . Of course, you will be a beginner, and you will have to underestimate the cost, but gradually it will be possible to reach higher incomes.

It’s not necessary to invent the articles yourself, they can be rewritten from the already existing ones, we wrote about this in detail in the article Earnings on rewriting.

There are a lot of opportunities to get $ 20 on the Internet, and now you know about the simplest of them.

Some users registered on the sites described above use them constantly and consistently earn money, you can do it too, no contracts, a free schedule and the absence of superiors, this is a decent job.

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