How to determine that the questionnaire scam?

Additional earnings on the Internet are much easier to organize than permanent ones.

One of the options for a part-time job in the network is to earn money from questionnaires and surveys. This method has been tested over the years, but it is often used by fraudsters to attract victims. Unfortunately, the questionnaire sites are deceiving people, this is a common phenomenon.

How to determine that the questionnaire is a scam? Sometimes a fraudulent resource is hidden under the mask of a quality project, but you need to be extremely careful not to become a victim. If you lose time, this is not the worst option, some people lose their money because of the scam questionnaires.

How to determine that the questionnaire scam?

Questionnaires scam - a waste of time

In most cases, the victims of such projects are cheated in two ways. At the first, they are offered a salary, users actively go through surveys and fill out questionnaires, receiving remuneration for it. But when the amount available for withdrawal accumulates, the site either does not work, or the output function simply does not work.

The second kind of deception is more arrogant. When registering, users are asked to enter a phone number and send an SMS, after which the money is written off. According to the same scheme, they sometimes offer to pay for more surveys to come, prices for them to be higher, and so on.

How to determine that the questionnaire scam?

How to recognize the questionnaire scam?

There are a few simple precautions you should keep in mind when entering any questionnaire:

  1. Earnings on surveys is a type of income that does not require investments. If you are offered to pay for something, immediately leave such a resource.
  2. Look at withdrawal methods, among which should be Webmoney or other popular payments. As a rule, scam connect only Perfect Money.
  3. Do not be lazy to look for reviews on the Internet, despite the fact that they can cheat. Pay attention to the profiles of the forums from which you write positive reviews, sometimes it is obvious that they were created to write a post.
  4. There is never a payout block on the main page of a quality questionnaire.

Today, the forums continue to appear records that a new questionnaire-scam was discovered. Be careful and do not trust the information, which says that someone managed to earn a few thousand in a couple of days or weeks.

Questionnaires can only bring additional profit, because not every day you will receive questionnaires.

Scammers on the Internet use many different ways and often disguise themselves as services for making money online. And to check real reviews on any site, use the Advisor Webmoney review service.

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