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For certain, you have repeatedly wondered what the optimum number of keywords can be placed on one page of the site. Unfortunately, the exact answer is not here (and can not be). Somewhere it is better to insert only one keyword, and somewhere you can cram 15 or even 20 keywords - it all depends on the specific situation. However, there is still a certain methodology for finding the right answer, and recently Rand Fishkin shared it with SEOmoz readers.

But before proceeding to the description of this technique, I want to say a big thank you to fellow SEO blogger for giving me a favor and informing my readers about the publication. pdf-versions of my Spring Marathon.

Choosing keywords for a particular page

First of all, you should put together an impressive list of keywords and phrases, but now we will not talk about it and go straight to what to do with this list . The list will look something like this:

How to determine how many key phrases can be placed on one page - Profit Hunter

(Rand advises using data from at least three independent sources when building a list of keywords.)

After reviewing the list, you be able to determine which specific words and phrases can be used within one page, so that they look organically next to each other.

Suppose your e-store has a landing page dedicated to the products Ted Baker . And you already have several categories for products of this brand: Ted Baker Shoes , Ted Baker Eyewear and Ted Baker Dress Shirts . Which phrases should be used on the main landing page and which ones should be left for secondary ones?

According to Rand, you should always put yourself in the position of an ordinary user / buyer. If the key phrase is too general to allocate a separate page exclusively for it, use this phrase on the main landing page (even if you have collected a dozen of such phrases).

For example, suitable candidates for the main landing page might be the following phrases:

  • Ted Baker
  • Ted Baker London
  • Ted Baker Clothing
  • Ted Baker Mens
  • Ted Baker Mens Clothing
  • Ted Baker Mens Collection

Phrases Ted Baker Shoes and Ted Baker Eyewear is better to devote separate pages. Although these pages will attract less visitors, their conversion will be higher.

Features of sharpening the contents of the page under several keywords and phrases

Here's how to put these phrases on the Rand Fishkin page:

Tag. title. :

Ted Baker London - Men's Clothing Collections 2005-2008 | Sartorialmoz. org

Meta-description :

Accessories from the past 3 Years of Collections. In Stock Now with Fast, Free Shipping.

Title. H1. :

Ted Baker London | Men's Clothing Collection

Subtitle. H2. :

The Ted Baker Mens Collection is a classic British tailoring with modern fabrics and designs.

Thanks to this approach, you can easily bring the landing page to the top search engines for 5-6 phrases.

What you should not do:

The most common mistake of optimizers is an artificial increase in the density of keywords and phrases in the title and description of pages. For example:
Title (. Title.) :

Ted Baker, Ted Baker London, Ted Baker Clothing - Buy Online Now at Manamialameseo. com

Meta description :

Ted Baker On Sale. Ted Baker Men's, Ted Baker Clothing, Ted Baker Collection, Ted Baker Online .

Modern users of search engines are experienced enough to form a certain (most often negative) attitude to such kind of names and descriptions of pages and sites, because in 9 out of 10 cases behind this description is MFA or poor partner site. Yes, and natural backlinks to sites with such names and descriptions to get very difficult.


According to the plan, you can see the script for calculating traffic based on Google Trends data tomorrow (if, of course, no unforeseen circumstances happen).

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