How to delete Webmoney wallet, data, profile?

Payment system users sometimes decide to stop using the services of companies and want to delete their account.

We already told how to remove Yandex Money and how to remove QIWI, now we have reached a more popular payment system. WebMoney is used by many more people, according to official data, the number of customers has long exceeded 30 million.

How to delete a wallet or a Webmoney account? Surprisingly, some are interested in the answer to this question.

Despite the wide functionality, a lot of features and reliability, someone wants to give up all this. The reasons for which I want to delete WMZ or some other account, to me personally, are incomprehensible.

How to delete Webmoney wallet, data, profile?

You will not be able to delete WMID Webmoney

According to the rules of the payment system, it is impossible to retire, just as to refuse any created wallets. This is done to increase safety.

WebMoney is the only payment system that actively fights against fraudsters, so user data will still be stored in databases.

The only way to delete a Webmoney profile is to refuse to provide services. In this case, you will no longer be able to use services (even from other wallets).

To do this, you will need to contact technical support with a request to disable your account. You may have to explain the reason why you intend to do this.

To contact representatives of the company, look for contacts on the official website or write to support @ wmtransfer. com.

If company managers agree to close access to the wallet, a number of other actions will be required. Detailed instructions will provide you so that you can confirm that you really are the account holder.

Account blocking in the payment system is needed only for one purpose, so that no one hacks or takes advantage of an abandoned wallet. The data about you will still remain in the database , they will not be deleted.

How to delete Webmoney wallet, data, profile?

And is it worth deleting the Webmoney wallet at all?

Some users are advised not to delete the WebMoney, but simply to abandon it. This option should also be considered in order not to complicate your life.

It is possible that in the future you will need a wallet, because now you can use it to:

  • recharge your mobile balance;
  • earn on the Internet;
  • to repay loans;
  • to buy Google shares;
  • to transfer money conveniently;
  • to pay online;
  • receive loans on Webmoney;
  • pay for utility services;
  • pay for various services in the network.

This is not a complete list of payment system features. Therefore, it is worth several times to think whether it is necessary to delete data from Webmoney at all.

You cannot delete passport data from WebMoney, in any case, they remain on the server billing. Protection against fraudsters works perfectly, for some it seems absurd, but these are the rules.

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