How to delete a page on Facebook forever?

In social networks, people register, but then for various reasons delete their accounts.

Someone is wasted on wasting time, someone no longer wants to talk, some do it, when the mood is bad. If you decide to do this, you will first have to figure out how accounts are deleted altogether.

How to delete a page on Facebook? We decided to tell separately, since there is already an article on how to retire from Vkontakte.

The procedure is somewhat different on all sites, and not many people are familiar with the Facebook interface. Deleting a page here is performed in two formats, now you will learn about them.

How to delete a page on Facebook forever?

Can I delete the Facebook page?

The first way to get rid of a profile is to make it inactive. Only in this social network is available such a function. All data remains in place, users will be able to view some of the information, but the account will not work .

This is done through the settings section of this instruction:

  1. First open your page, select the arrow icon to bring up an additional menu. Here you need to select the settings:
  2. How to delete a page on Facebook forever?
  3. In the settings there is the item "Security", in the tab, on the last line is the tool we need "Deactivate the account":
  4. How to delete a page on Facebook forever?
  5. Clicking on it opens additional information; you can read the detailed version. Here is a link to make the page not active:
  6. How to delete a page on Facebook forever?
  7. Before you disable the profile, a notification will appear, you will be asked to specify the reason for leaving Facebook. Select any item, then confirm the action:
  8. How to delete a page on Facebook forever?

Delete Page Facebook cannot be through deactivation mode, it just freezes. Access is easily restored at any time. This option is suitable for temporary departure from the social network.

How to delete a Facebook page permanently?

Freezing of the profile does not suit you, I would like to leave the site for good? Then you have to use a special link. Go to this address:

A page will open, where you will also see a warning and a link for getting information about deleting accounts:

How to delete a page on Facebook forever?

By clicking On the delete button, you will need to re-authorize, after which the profile is permanently erased. 2 weeks are given for restoration; if you do nothing at this time, the page will be erased from the database.

Mobile users can delete a Facebook page from their phone using any of these instructions.

Do not rush to delete accounts from social networks. At a minimum, they come in handy to make money on Facebook. Delete real friends, change the name and add other people's photos. Create at least a fake profile, someday it will definitely come in handy.

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