How to create your website - product catalog?

When launching sales of goods via the Internet, first of all you need to think about creating a virtual storefront.

Your customers should receive quality service, where they can get acquainted with the assortment, evaluate prices, compare offers and select something for you.

It is not necessary to launch an online store right away, all the more expensive and difficult it is. You can start by developing an online catalog.

How to create a site directory? Make it much easier, you just need to choose the appropriate engine, install it on the hosting and do a little work. You can use any CMS, but to create a directory you will need to add plugins.

How to create your website - product catalog?

Create your website product catalog

The most popular WordPress engine is suitable for creating directories, but you will have to install additional plugins in it to products displayed correctly.

It is much easier to use the MotoCMS HTML engine, since it already has the necessary functionality added. This CMS was created specifically for beginners, so you can easily and quickly understand its use.

I would just like to say that the engine is not free, you have to pay $ 139 for it. This is a relatively small fee for what you get.

Let us briefly describe some of the functions of the MotoCMS HTML engine:

  1. Convenient and simple configuration of the feedback form:
  2. How to create your website - product catalog?
  3. Ability to create original galleries (for the presentation of goods):
  4. How to create your website - product catalog?
  5. Conveniently connect the PayPal payment form, add various buttons, free HTML objects and videos:
  6. How to create your website - product catalog?
  7. You can install a map of the location of your store:
  8. How to create your website - product catalog?
  9. Quick and easy installation of updates and creating backups (to avoid problems with the restoration of the site):
  10. How to create your website - product catalog?
  11. Convenient media galleries for publishing photos Rafiy and pictures on pages:
  12. How to create your website - product catalog?

There are enough functions for creating a catalog, you can edit the site at your own discretion.

The MotoCMS HTML engine has an embedded mobile version of the site.

After spending just a few minutes installing the engine, you will get a ready-made website, with an interesting design:

How to create your website - product catalog?

Here's a great example, replace the image above, make A small text about yourself or your products, and below, install not 3, but immediately 20-30 blocks with the goods. Be sure to use pictures and write descriptions, it helps buyers make the right choice.

Where to download the engine and templates?

If you decide to use MotoCMS HTML to create a product catalog, go to the site. It offers a huge selection of templates for this engine (ready-made designs), and also you can purchase the CMS itself:

How to create your website - product catalog?

For the installation, they charge extra, but you cope with it yourself if ever done it with other engines.

At Templatemonster, you will be helped to create a website directory , configure all parameters, install additional plugins (if necessary), perform simple SEO optimization (affect promotion in Yandex and Google), and also respond to all your questions.

At the same time, you only pay for the engine itself, and you’ll get everything else for free:

How to create your website - product catalog?

This option is ideal for people who don’t want to learn how to create websites but want to attract customers through the Internet.

By paying only $ 139 , you will have a ready-made site, but remember that you still need to buy a domain and pay for hosting. This requires less money, about $ 3 for a domain and $ 3 for hosting for a month.

If you want to be found on the Internet and place orders, be sure to create a site directory and do its promotion.

Immediately do not count on large attendance, find out where to order website promotion, so that as many people as possible visit your website directory, and accordingly there are many orders.

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