How to create your e-currency exchanger?

There are plenty of good ideas for business on the Internet, but before you implement one of them, you need to take into account current trends.

The modern world is slowly shifting to non-cash payments and electronic money. Excellent niche for starting a business, although it is not so simple.

How to open a currency exchange? To start such a service, you have to spend money, even if you are able to write a site code from scratch.

Serious expenses, because you will need to provide a decent reserve so that customers can exchange even large amounts. But this is not the only expense graph.

How to create your e-currency exchanger?

The electronic exchanger is a good idea.

Before you start a business, you have to start spending money. If there is no start-up capital, see how to make money on the Internet.

The amount will have to be collected large, because the necessary software can cost $ 1000. Find it is not difficult and in this article we will tell where it is for sale.

The second serious expense graph is the balance. To carry out operations, you will need to open a few wallets, and throw decent money on each of them.

They will be used for exchanges and it is important to think about how exactly the transactions will take place, because you need to stay in the black, while offering favorable terms to users.

Do not even think about starting the service on a free engine and cheap hosting. You will need a dedicated powerful server, which also costs a lot of money.

We can not forget about the promotion of . Exchangers on the Internet created a lot to survive among competitors, will have to spend money on advertising.

Where to buy the exchanger script?

You can contact the freelancers to order the creation of an exchange office on the Internet. It does not come cheap, so it makes sense to consider the template options.

There are several offers for buying a ready-made exchanger:

How to create your e-currency exchanger?

The company also offers a script for monitoring exchangers and modern designs. For a start, you can rent the software with the subsequent purchase, just consider how much money you will waste.

As for the design, several options are offered here, all of them are interesting:

How to create your e-currency exchanger?

If for some reason this company does not suit you, you can contact . There, too, professionals offer ready-made solutions for online business (not only exchangers). Please note that all developers offer automatic and semi-automatic modes:

  1. Semi-automatic mode is much better in terms of security. People will send money to your wallets themselves using a special form on the site. You will carry out verification of users and money transfers to their accounts, independently.
  2. Automatic mode - the software takes over all actions, you don’t need to do anything at all. The processing rate of applications will be high, which is surely appreciated by customers.

It is better to use semi-automatic mode, since you will have to pay less for the script, and in the future you will still manually process some applications, since not all processes can be automated.

How to arrange an exchanger on the Internet?

To work legally and honestly run a business without possible deceptions, you need to select one of their work patterns:

  1. To make electronic exchanges, enter into a perpetual loan agreement. According to this scheme, most of the exchangers work, since this is the easiest of all and such contracts do not need to be certified by a notary. As for drawing up an agreement, it is better to contact lawyers for this (you can find them at).
  2. You can open the exchanger on the Internet, like any other company, by registering an IP. You will become an entrepreneur in the field of information technology and will be able by law to provide exchange services, only Russian law does not provide for electronic money exchange services, which can cause problems.
  3. The simplest option, suitable only for working with WMR currency, is using the Webmoney Guarantee Agency. Also, you can simply use in your service, the exchanger. This option is suitable for serious organizations in which thousands of operations are performed every day.

There should be no particular problems when opening such a business. You will not need permission from payment systems, you just need to complete a full verification.

How to create your e-currency exchanger?

Tips for opening an exchanger

The business area is serious, therefore, the approach should be appropriate. Do not try to save money, find scripts on the Internet and do not trust unknown developers "from the basements".

In circulation you will have millions of rubles, so you need to monitor security.In addition, follow these rules:

  • difficulties in determining courses can be circumvented by using automated systems;
  • in order to promote you just need contextual advertising for business;
  • go to competitors' sites and highlight the points that you liked best to realize them in your exchanger;
  • find time to process applications in semi-automatic mode as often as possible;
  • collect positive feedback, ask customers leave them;
  • add your service to monitoring systems exchangers (like 62>
  • try to make the interface so that even a beginner figured out everything;
  • add as many contacts as you can to contact;
  • add your exchanger to Megastock (Webmoney service);
  • Keep a news feed, post frequently to people to see the latest data.

Another good advice for those who decide to open an electronic exchanger is to provide additional services. For example, you can offer guarantor services for conducting transactions on the Internet.

Open an online exchanger is not the easiest, but promising and profitable. It’s worth a try, because if thousands of people use your service, it will be possible to raise huge sums at the expense of commission and playing courses.

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