How to create an information product for 72 hours - Profit Hunter

This post can be considered a continuation of the Autumn Marathon. If you remember, the last step in building an information business is to create your own information product. So the method outlined below will give you a good experience in this matter. It can be used to create both paid goods and free bonuses.

The original video is posted on Arman Morin's blog. He is the author of the video.

Before proceeding to the description of the process, Arman makes an important note: never call your new creation the mysterious name " ebook " (for Runet, "ebuk"). Even in the West, many users still do not understand the meaning of the word. Here are the options that Arman offers:

How to create an information product for 72 hours - Profit Hunter

For the Russian-speaking audience, the “e-book” option is perfect.

Keep life simple for your visitors The more they think about what they do not understand or unfamiliar with (in this case, this is the term “ebook”), the less you will have subscribers, customers, etc.

How to create an infographic for 72 hours without writing a word

A classic example of this technique is the book "Chicken Soup for the Soul" .

How to create an information product for 72 hours - Profit Hunter

Book sold 8 million copies in the US alone. Worldwide ylo sold more than 100 million. books of the series. However, the maximum that you wrote her "authors," it may be, the introduction and content. Look at the bottom of the cover: “101 Stories ...” This is the secret of their success. This book is nothing more than a collection of other people's stories and stories.

“Chicken Soup” online

  1. Open the articledashboard site. com.
  2. Choose a theme (whatever your heart desires).
  3. Find articles on the selected topic (use site search).
  4. Select 50-70 articles.
  5. Email the authors of the articles and ask if they agree that you include their articles in your e-book.

As Arman says, and here I completely agree with him, people earn millions on the Internet thanks to three things, or rather three steps that can be combined into one process. And this process is called “Select-Copy-Paste” . And this concerns not only information products, but also entire business processes and strategies.

All you need is to find articles , select the text (along with the section “About the Author” and the author’s reference) and copy it into your “creation.” The letter to the author should look something like this (in original):


I’ve been thinking about it.

In fact, if you are a reader, I’m If you choose, you can get it back. Get back

Moreover, you don’t need to pay for these articles. For authors of articles, your future book is another way to promote their content and their resource. This is part of their publicity. Keep this in mind.

About 70% of authors will respond positively to your proposal. Once you get their consent, you will only have to bring the article in the desired form and arrange them in an e-book. The contents of the book make up the headlines. That's it - the book is ready!

Now it's up to marketing. If the topic for you is absolutely new and you have neither visitors nor subscribers, use the links of the very authors whose articles you have included in your book. It is possible that they themselves will want to tell their friends (or subscribers) that their article has fallen into your book. Why not?

If you are going to sell a book, create an affiliate program and ask the authors of articles to become your partners. That should work.

Note: Any article directory will be suitable for this method of creating an information product. However, before sending e-mail to the authors of articles, carefully read the TOS (Terms of Service) directory. The ArticleDashboard rules have the following clause:

How to create an information product for 72 hours - Profit Hunter

Item 7 states that you cannot sell articles posted in the catalog without the written consent of the author . But the EzineArticles directory rules are somewhat different:

How to create an information product for 72 hours - Profit Hunter

T. E. You can not sell articles from this directory, regardless of the consent of the author.

The format of the e-book is

Definitely . pdf , because it works on all operating systems and platforms, because it is easy to create, and because it does not require additional training (most PDF generators work in the WISIWIG format (what I see is what I get)).

Page Layout

Make it.The pdf-file is as close as possible to an ordinary paper book (cover, page with copyright and, possibly, a disclaimer, content, footers). The reader should not notice the difference. Take any bestseller and just copy the layout from it.

To do this, go to Amazon. com, open the Books

How to create an information product for 72 hours - Profit Hunter

section, select the category corresponding to the subject of your e-book,

How to create an information product for 72 hours - Profit Hunter

and find in the list (by default books are sorted by popularity) book with the icon "Search Inside".

How to create an information product for 72 hours - Profit Hunter

You can view 12-15 pages from the book, which will be quite enough to get acquainted with the layout of the best-selling books on your subject. Note that the layouts of books on programming and knitting may differ.

Moreover, by copying the layout of successful books, you give your book a “successful” look. Do not forget that you will sell your book to ordinary users, and not to sophisticated Internet marketers, so these little things matter too.

Password - to be or not to be?

Definitely, not to be . If someone wants to get your book for free, he will find a way. And the password will not save you. The only thing you will achieve by setting a password is customer dissatisfaction and loss of time to recover it (and the fact that the customer forgets the password is like drinking).

The same goes for printing a book. Do not block the print function. Even if you read all the books from the screen, do not deprive the buyer of the opportunity to read as he likes.

Moreover, it is to your advantage for the buyer to print the book. This is the only way you can move it from the virtual to the real world. Understand that you and your book are much easier to get lost somewhere among the folders on your hard drive than on a bookshelf or coffee table.

That's all. I wish you creative success! 🙂

p. with. Andy Jenkins announced the StomperScrutinezer update. If you have not downloaded this program yet, it's time to do it. What it is and why you need it, you can read here.

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