How to create an electronic wallet? instruction

If you decide to start working online, you definitely cannot do without an electronic wallet. The fact is that any earnings on the Internet are made to virtual accounts, from which you can later easily withdraw money to a bank card.

Many services also offer additional services to registered accounts: payment for Internet and utility payments, balance replenishment by mobile telephone, payment of fines, taxes, etc.

How to create an electronic wallet? instruction

There are several electronic wallets on the Internet.

Most Popular:

  • Webmoney (Webmoney app for Android);
  • Qiwi (How to withdraw money from Qiwi Wallet);
  • Yandex Money (How to cash Yandex Money on the card);
  • Paypal (How to transfer money to PayPal?);
  • Rapida (Rapid Payment System);
  • Perfect Money (How to exchange Perfect Money for Webmoney?);
  • Okpay (OkPay Payment System);
  • Payeer (Output to Payeer in Wmmail);
  • Bitcoin (Bitcoin Earnings on Battlebit).

In our article you will learn what you need to do to become the owner of an electronic wallet on the Internet.

How to create a wallet on WebMoney?

How to create an electronic wallet? instruction

  1. We find the official site - Webmoney. ru
  2. We are registered to provide personal data (name, phone number, email address, passport data, etc.). After filling out the online form, click "continue".
  3. Now go to the e-mail, a notification is sent there with a secret code. It must be entered on the e-wallet site to continue registration.
  4. The next step is to check the mobile number. An SMS notification with a code will come to the indicated number, it should also be entered on the WebMoney website.
  5. Next, you need to come up with a personal password, which will later be used to access the site. After entering the data, click the confirmation.

At the last stage of registration, you will need to select the appropriate application for working with the wallet from the options offered. If you intend to use WebMoney from a PC, download the WM KeeperClassic version, for mobile devices, the developers have created a special WM KeeperMobile program.

Downloading Webmoney to your device. ru, go to your personal account and study the interface. Here everything is clear and accessible, every newbie quickly focuses on the resource. If you have any difficulties, read a rather informative and interesting article - Webmoney Glossary.

Another important action when registering on WebMoney is the choice of a wallet. The program offers several options, depending on the currency:

  • WMR- is focused on Russian rubles;
  • WMZ - for US currency;
  • WME - euro;
  • WMB - Belarusian money;
  • WMU - Ukrainian hryvnia;
  • WMG - gold exchange.

If necessary, you can create several purses of different formats simultaneously.

Registration for VisaQiwiWallet

First Kiwi Wallet appeared in 2008. At this time, this payment system is very popular among numerous users from around the world.

To register for VisaQiwiWallet , just enter a valid phone number and standard personal data. The number of your wallet is easy to remember, since these data are similar to the mobile number.

After entering the data on the website of the payment system, you will need SMS with the code. Specify it and execute confirmation. Registration is over! Easy, fast and reliable!

How to create an electronic wallet? instruction

Qiwi-wallet has many advantages:

  • instant crediting payments to the user's personal account;
  • prompt transfers of funds to any accounts;
  • payment can be made for the goods purchased in online stores;
  • mobile top up available without commission .

In your account, you can also make an application for creating a Qiwi payment card. It is typically used for bank cards, allows you to pay for purchases in stationary stores without a fee, as well as to carry out cash withdrawals at ATMs working with Visa. You may also be interested in - How to bind a card to a QIWI wallet?

How to become an owner of Yandex wallet

To exploit the interface of the popular payment service Yandex Money, you need to go through the standard registration. First of all, you will need e-mail on Yandex. If you do not have a box in this system, get one, otherwise you will not be able to work with the Yandex e-wallet.

How to create an electronic wallet? instruction

Next, go to the service under a personal login, and select the category "Open a purse with Yandex Money" . To register, you will need to enter a phone number to which a password will be sent to enter the system.After its introduction on the site, fill in the form of e-mail data (enter the address), agree to the terms of service and go on.

To access the site at any time and from any device, we recommend that you set a one-time payment password that automatically sends a secret code to the account holder’s number to confirm entry to the payment system site. Thus, you secure your own finances, stored on the Yandex Money virtual wallet account.

In order to learn more about this resource, we recommend reading the interesting article “Yandex Money Payment System”.

Open a personal account at Paypal

The payment system paypal was created in the USA. Previously, it could only be used by Americans, but over time, this resource expanded the range of its services, allowing payment transactions to residents of other states, including the Russian Federation.

How to create an electronic wallet? instruction

Registration at PayPal , step by step instruction:

  • go to the official website and click in the upper right corner "register";
  • on the page that opens, select the account type (personal or corporate account);
  • next, mark the country of residence;
  • enter the email address and password to access the site;
  • go on, on a new page you need to enter personal data in Cyrillic (indicated in the passport);
  • tick the box to confirm;
  • also need Mark your agreement with the license agreement here;
  • the next step is to enter the bank card data, where the currency will be withdrawn later;
  • we complete the registration and wait for confirmation.

When your application is reviewed, a letter will be sent to the specified email address notifying the new PayPal user about successful registration! Also read - How to withdraw the earned money with PayPal?

Registration with the Rapida payment system

Rapida - the payment system allowing payment for goods and services, pay loans, fines and other payments. Also, the account holder on this resource can make a withdrawal for cash.

How to create an electronic wallet? instruction

Register for Rapida. ru passes in three stages:

  1. The user needs to fill out a special form, with the obligatory indication of personal data and a valid phone number (he will act as a login). After filling, press the "ok" button.
  2. Next, check email. A notification with a code will be sent to your address. It must be entered on the site where the registration takes place.
  3. The last stage is the introduction of a PIN code received on the phone. Do not delete the secret number, as you will need to use it to access the site as a password.

When registration is completed, go to the website: enter your login and password. After that, the registered account falls into your personal account. There is a very clear interface. If you have any questions, you can contact those. support by clicking the "Help" button.

We also recommend reading "How to withdraw from Adsense to an e-wallet?"

Perfect Money: how to register on the payment system

How to create an electronic wallet? instruction

To register for a fairly convenient payment system Perfect Money , you need to perform the following actions:

  • go to the official website and select the button "Registration ";
  • below, fields to be opened - enter personal data, according to the prescribed requirements (be sure to fill in the fields marked with a red check mark);
  • after entering the name, email address, country of residence zip code, select gmail. com and enable two-step authentication;
  • now you need to select the account type and enter the secret password (preferably more difficult);
  • the next step is to introduce captcha (indicated in the box at the bottom of the form);
  • now it remains to put a tick in the "read, I agree with the terms of the user agreement" and click the "register" button.

After that, you are taken to the welcome page of the Perfect Money payment system, where we are already waiting for a message from the developers of the following content: "go to the email, view the received letter from our company and copy your new ID number ".

Having received the necessary password, we go to the resource itself, enter the received ID, the password and the code from the image that was conceived during registration. This completes your registration. Now you can safely use the Perfect Money e-wallet for personal use, not forgetting to comply with the terms of the user agreement (you can study this information on the payment system website).

How to get an electronic account on the Okpay payment system

On Okpay you can open a personal account within a few minutes by following the standard requirements of the developers. Going to the official website of the payment system, select the "Register" button. Further, we enter personal data in the indicated fields, having previously marked the form of ownership (personal / corporate).

How to create an electronic wallet? instruction

To register on the site, you must specify the country of residence, email address, name, valid mobile phone number and come up with a password to access the site. When all the lines are filled, click "I agree to create an account."

After that, you automatically go to your personal account, where you can already examine in detail the possibilities of the resource, as well as ask all the questions you are interested in to representatives of technical support working online.

Payeer - registration on an electronic wallet

If you decide to open a personal account on, follow these steps:

  1. Find the official website on the Internet payment system.
  2. At the top of the screen, click the "create" button.
  3. In the window that opens, you will see the form, it must be filled in according to the requirements (email address - captcha - confirmation and "continue").
  4. Now a new window will appear in front of you. Here you need to enter a secret password (think up yourself, preferably a high level of complexity) and a secret word that will be used in the future if for any reason you have to restore access to your personal account. After, click "Next" (bottom of the page).

How to create an electronic wallet? instruction

Registration is over! To enter Payeer wallet, enter the secret password, login and the captcha specified in the image. You can use your email address as login. Having visited the site in your personal account, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the services of the payment system and your new features that allow you to actively work in the network! A very interesting and useful article - "Payeer Earn Money on the Internet."

Bitcoin wallet: features of the payment system, ways of registering

And finally, we will tell you about one more, quite popular payment system Bitcoin , created specifically for decentralized digital currency. It does not have an attachment to any country in the world, this money is virtual, but if desired, they can be quickly transferred to any monetary unit at a certain rate (on the exchange platform).

Bitcoins can be used to pay for goods and services via the Internet. Virtual money is also useful for the payment of wages to performers for a certain job. Bitcoins know no boundaries and are not subject to inflation!

How to create an electronic wallet? instruction

To become a user of a virtual wallet on Bitcoin, it’s enough to do a few simple manipulations:

  1. Find through a search engine site -.
  2. In the corner on the left side, click on the words "create a new wallet".
  3. A form will appear in front of you, it must be filled in according to the requirements (you will enter a mailing address, password and captcha).
  4. After that, click "Continue" and go to the page with the inscription "Wallet Recovery Mnemonics", where you will see the inscription highlighted in red. Be sure to record the received information. With it, you can always restore access to your personal account if necessary.
  5. Now, again, select the "continue" button and go to the next page. Here we fill in the registration data form. In the first line, enter the "ID", which will be used as a login when entering the site. In the second line, write the password, after, click on the "open wallet" button.
  6. Now the program will automatically transfer you to the Bitcoin website, to your personal account. Here you can view the number of Bitcoin addresses assigned to you personally. It needs to be remembered or written down, which is useful when receiving earned virtual money from the employer.

In order to get more familiar with the unique Bitcoin payment system, we recommend reading:

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