How to create a welcome letter on Seosprint?

Attracting referrals to Seosprint is a good option for virtual earnings, but in order to be profitable, you need to influence in every way the activity of invited users.

Contests for referrals and a refback on Seosprint are not the only options for activating users, in addition to this, you also need to write welcome letters.

When the newcomer has just registered, he probably has a lot of questions. If he does not quickly find answers to them, he will most likely soon leave the project.

To prevent this, use welcome letters for referrals to Seosprint. With their help, you will provide useful information on the machine to the invited participants.

How to create a welcome letter on the Seosprint?

You can specify any text of this letter and save it in the settings. There is a special section for this:

How to create a welcome letter on Seosprint?

When composing a welcome letter, use a simple and understandable language for a beginner. Do not forget to explain to him that the first thing you need to fill in personal data to get a working status. Without it, money from his activity will not be credited to your account.

Example of a welcome letter for referrals:

Greetings my referral!
You chose my team to work on Seosprint, and with the choice you are not mistaken. I, as your referrer, will help you to figure everything out, and you can contact me with any questions on earnings from Seosprint.
To begin with, you need to get the status of "Worker" to have full access to the functions of the site. This is not difficult to do, just go to "My Personal Data" and fill in all the fields with real data. To withdraw money to the wallet is also a necessity.
When the data is filled, go to the "Task Execution" section and start working. The more tasks you can complete, the more money will appear on your balance sheet.
Still have questions? Click "Write an answer" (above the letter) and contact me.

After you enter the text of the letter for newbies referrals, you need to click the "Install" button:

How to create a welcome letter on Seosprint?

From now on, you will be attracted users will immediately receive a composed message. Be prepared to answer their questions. Yes, you will spend extra time, but if it helps to increase the activity of referrals, then your income will increase.

If for some reason you decide to remove the greeting message, then also go to the section, delete the text and save the changes. Try to help referrals and communicate with them more often, because the more they are active, the more benefit it brings to you.

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