How to create a sitemap in HTML and XML?

Site optimization is absolutely necessary for all sites, because it allows to affect its quality. The presence of a site map is a positive factor in the site and if you have not yet created a separate file - a site map, be sure to do so.

What is a site map? This is a catalog of links to the pages of your site, this content also displays all categories, sections and subsections. Here is an example of the site map of our site:

How to create a sitemap in HTML and XML?

How to create a site map?

There is an HTML site map and XML, each of these formats should be created for the site. The HTML format is necessary so that visitors to your site can easily find the content of the site and study the materials interesting to them.

The map in XML format is necessary for the search engines to index pages faster, since this greatly simplifies the work of the robot.

How to create such site maps? Owners of sites that they have written on their own make it a bit more difficult, because you will need to create a map manually or use ready-made scripts. On the Internet, scripts for a sitemap in various formats are distributed free of charge, and all you need is to simply copy the necessary code and paste it into a separate page.

It is much easier for site owners on a CMS to create a site map, because there are a lot of different plug-ins and modules created for this purpose. Thanks to the ready-made functionality that allows you to create site maps, it will be possible to do it in just a few simple steps.

How to create a sitemap in HTML and XML?

I would like to say separately that everyone who wants to create a site map can use online generators, such as xml-sitemaps. com.

All you need is to go through a few simple steps and get the necessary code, which you will later need to install on a separate page.

In conclusion, I would like to say that search engines need to specify the address of your site map in XML format.

This can be done using services for webmasters such as Yandex. Webmaster or specifying the required entry in the robots file. txt, which is necessarily read by the search engine robot.

Is the site map important?

If you want search engines to find your site really worth taking the first positions in the issue, you will have to work well on optimization. At the root of the site should be files Robots. txt and Sitemap. xml .

In addition, they must be properly configured (read more in the robots. Txt article for WordPress).

The search robot cannot check all the content on the site every time, so it needs to make a site map where links to new pages will be added all the time.

As a rule, this is done through plug-ins (as now everyone uses engines for sites), but some prefer generators, as they load the server less.

If you are also a supporter of adding functionality without extensions, use the service. There you can create different site maps and receive them by Email:

How to create a sitemap in HTML and XML?

As you can see, there are even some settings here, the only negative is the limit to 500 pages .

For a small website, this is enough, but for our blog this is too small, since the number of articles on Workion is thousands. If the above mentioned service does not suit you, try other site map generators.

The best sitemap for WordPress

If you created a site on WordPress, you did not lose, this is one of the best engines. Our blog was also created with the help of this CMS and many extensions were created for it to conveniently create site maps. The best plugin, install it in any way.

If problems arise, manually create site maps in the root of the site and give them 666 access rights, since plugins are prohibited from making serious changes.

When the plugin is installed, you can go to the settings section in the admin panel, select XML and then SiteMap. There you will see the following inscription:

How to create a sitemap in HTML and XML?

The extension is fully Russified, so it should not cause problems when used. There are enough settings here, you can make any changes, if you see fit. For example, you can specify the location of the file with the map:

How to create a sitemap in HTML and XML?

Also I advise you to go to the content section of the site map and tick the pages you want to add. At this point, you can finish the work with the extension and go on to create the card itself.

What is so good about Google XML Sitemaps is that it automatically sends notifications to the search engines that the site map has been updated. Every time a new post is added, new notifications will be sent.

For WordPress, this is the best option , so don’t even look for other site maps. Everything here is easy to set up and works perfectly, besides there are all the necessary settings.

Sitemap for Joomla

In this engine you can install the map with the help of generators, but you can also find extensions. The best option for this CMS -. It can be downloaded directly through the admin panel (extensions - install / remove).

When install Xmap, open the Components menu, find its name there and select Add menus. This must be done to select the menu items that contain pages to be added to the map:

How to create a sitemap in HTML and XML?

If you need to delete one of the items, just hover over it and press Delete. You can see other settings, perhaps decide to change something.

Adding the map itself is not difficult, just go through the admin panel in the menu where you need to set a link to the map and select "Create", then select Xmap:

How to create a sitemap in HTML and XML?

It remains only to enter the name of the page and also customize it as desired. The appearance of the map is simple, this is how it looked on one of the automotive sites:

How to create a sitemap in HTML and XML?

Categories and articles are indicated separately, it is convenient to view this map, the text color and font are customized.

Creating a sitemap is a must-have for sites. This is especially true of resources on which new pages constantly appear (in particular, blogs). Now you know how to install a Sitemap on any engine or even a samopisny site, do not waste time, improve the site.

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