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In the classical sense, link building is aimed at hitting marketing companies after the launch of the site. In this article I will cite a number of sites that are very well suited for startups.

Twitter is a worldwide popular microblogging service. Each Twitter user can attach a link to his profile. Search users find thematic microblogging, subscribe to update the news (follow). This approach also works for such mega large social portals as Facebook , LinkedIn , DeviantArt , Etsy and other

Vimeo - almost everyone who uses Vimeo, notes a very high-quality video. The big plus of Vimeo is the automatic insertion of a link to a user profile, where he can post a link to his site. This feature is received by popular videos on this network. Vimeo is a social media network.

Urbanspoon is a unique service (I cite as an example), combining a geographical map and a lot of restaurants, cafes, bars, and so on. You can find for yourself, for example, a restaurant in the city, menu or price. On the map, see where it is located and find out the address and phone numbers. In fact - this is a major online directory. Also, users can leave their reviews.

last. fm is a media lie. Users can insert widgets into their sites, creating automatic links back to the portal. Visitors can listen to their favorite songs and listen to music, exchange views.

On the Internet, a lot of services, social networks of different directions. I'm not talking about forums, blogs, but about the social and media sector of the Internet community. Why are such networks a good method for a new project startup, be it a blog or a new company? Because hundreds of thousands of people hang out there. After conducting targeted marketing company in such networks, you can collect a lot of visitors to your site. In addition, advertising costs are much less due to the coverage of a large audience.

Scribd - I want to single out a more “earthly” way suitable for us, ordinary simple SEOs and moneymakers. You have often met various presentation videos, video manuals and audio podcasts. Something similar can be created as PowerPoint MS Office and share it on the Internet, for example, a slide show taken from the original English article (which I translated) illustrates all the material reviewed:
Strategic Link Building

I want to highlight the positive points in applying this method of presenting information: there is no need to create long articles. They are difficult to read Put it to the end. You can put key moments in the slideshow, pictures or the whole article in such a format. How is all this done? The slideshow itself is created in Microsoft PowerPoint . You can customize the information as you wish. plus before the usual pictures. The created file is uploaded to Scribd and shared. The resulting code is inserted into the site. Agree that this method is not used so often. I personally have never seen the slideshow of the article in runet. This is a niche for presenting information and creating a media site absolutely empty and unoccupied in runet. Take on the account. Another advantage of Scribd is the ability to download the slideshow you like in the format. pdf , print the document to the printer and share it on the same Twitter, Facebook and so on. For all such tricks you need to register.

Another service is available in the arsenal for practical use. And Russian. Useful for practicing quality, white sites, various promotional services. The service bears a fully justified name:

how to create a productive link and dominate a niche - Profit Hunter

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