How to create a mobile application for Android or IOS and earn money on it

Own project is the best idea for making big money. There are a lot of ideas, and the Internet is now an ideal area for launching a startup. The most popular direction of site development, but you need to think more widely. Statistics show that people use mobile devices more often, so you should think about creating a new application.

How to create a mobile application for Android / IOS and earn money on it? There are several ways to develop such a project, the easiest of them is to pay professionals for their work. As for monetization, there is also a choice here, starting with the sale of the program and ending with the placement of advertising in it.

How to create a mobile application for Android or IOS and earn money on it

Mobile Application Development and Earnings

The rapid development of the mobile device market indicates that this is the ideal direction to start up startups. How many interesting projects have already been shot in recent years - Viber, Instagram, Periscope, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Joom, Yula and many others. Some of the developers were selling large corporations, receiving millions of dollars.

According to today's data, almost half of the created mobile applications bring their owners from $ 1000 per month . It is difficult to imagine what the total turnover in this market. At the same time, anyone can start their own program or game, even if it is free, you can still get a good profit from the project.

Here, as in any niche of business, you need to attract more attention to yourself and catch a large audience. Therefore, it is important to pick up an interesting idea. You can’t do without knowledge, at least you have to understand the following points :

  • basics of creating mobile applications;
  • how to promote such projects;
  • ways monetization of applications.

These are the most important areas, if the professionals pay for everything, you have to spend too much money and control their work.

Which application to create for mobile?

Most often, beginners are interested in developing mobile applications when they already have an interesting idea. You can realize anything, any of your most audacious ideas. First of all, you need to take a look at the TOP of popular applications and find out what attracts the most attention:

How to create a mobile application for Android or IOS and earn money on it

Here we recommend throwing away large and commercial projects like Sberbank, Vkontakte, Avito. These applications are created for users of already promoted projects. Pay attention to the game, which is now in first place. It is simple, but it has already gained over 10 million downloads:

How to create a mobile application for Android or IOS and earn money on it

The game is free, but the description indicates that there is advertising and purchases are supported. Here is one of the monetization schemes for such projects. A real example of how a simple application can become popular around the world and bring huge capital to its owner. Games do not suit you? Then think about starting the program in one of the best areas:

  • education;
  • news;
  • medicine;
  • travel;
  • cooking;
  • entertainment;
  • shopping;
  • communication.

Look for ideas on the net, invent yourself, define the target audience and be sure to answer the question - what problem does your application solve? It will be a struggle with obesity, an anti-radar or e-crib sheet, you need to think over the idea, evaluate the competitors and decide for sure if you would start the project.

4 ways to create a mobile application

You can approach the development of such a project from different angles. Someone decides to learn everything from scratch to do work, others use templates, online services, there are options for which you don’t have to do anything at all. It is worth considering each of them:

1. Create an application yourself

One cannot do without programming knowledge. Begin to learn Java, now it is the main language when developing mobile applications. How long it will take is difficult to say, everyone has their own level of knowledge and effectiveness of training.

Using the Internet, finding the information you need is much easier, a bunch of different videos, articles, instructions, courses, and more. This method is suitable only for experienced programmers. If you are far from this and only now begin to learn, it will take several years to launch complex applications. For a couple of months, really learn only the use of templates and the development of programs without databases.

2. Create an application online through services

This option is more interesting because you can do without special knowledge. There are lots of designers through which you can quickly create a mobile application online. Note, such services allow you to run lightweight programs with simple functionality. Online radio, music catalogs, informational projects, corporate applications, etc.

How to create a mobile application for Android or IOS and earn money on it

You don’t have to learn programming here because you are offered templates. You choose the design you like and absolutely free you get the finished project. Through the editor, you manage to change it, edit the design, add something, delete:

How to create a mobile application for Android or IOS and earn money on it

for the presentation of the product catalog, feedback, view some information. For example, if you have a blog, you can easily make an application for it. For this, the following services will be useful to you:

  • - HTML5 applications are created. The main functions are provided free of charge, and for additional settings and tools you will have to pay from $ 2 per month. There is no Russian language, but there are a lot of templates.
  • - without programming knowledge with this service, anyone can create their own application. You have to pay $ 60 per month , several languages ​​are supported, social networks are connected, serious functionality in the editor.
  • is a free online mobile application builder for Android. Useful to owners of information sites. To get the finished product, simply specify a link to your resource. The resulting program can immediately add to the app store and monetize through advertising.
  • - create and immediately place your own applications in stores, even if you don’t understand anything in programming. The service supports 23 languages, including Russian. For its use will have to pay $ 10 per month.
  • - by name it is already clear that the designer is made for companies and businessmen. Service fee, costs $ 39 per month. There is no Russian language, but templates are available on popular topics. Developed programs for Android and IOS.
  • - besides popular platforms, you can create applications for Windows Phone through this constructor. The development is completely free, but if the program is added to the catalogs, then you have to pay $ 49 per month.
  • - application builder for iPhone and Android. In a few clicks, directories, reports, and much more are created. Payment of $ 35 per month, Russian language is supported. There is a two-week free period.
  • - a huge base of patterns, forms, various panels and much more distinguishes this designer from competitors. In your application, you can add calls, Google Maps, a drop-down menu. Basic features are available for free.
  • - helps to develop an application for both Android and IOS. You can use the free mode, but in this case advertising will be installed in the program. It can be removed for $ 5 per month.
  • - used by different companies. It differs from competitors by supporting different files and documents (databases, tables, etc.). Suitable for developing iOS and Android applications, costs $ 33 per month.

There are many similar services for online application creation, but these are the best of them. Try to develop programs on different designers, you don’t need to pay anything at once. Then compare the result and decide where it turned out better.

3. Turn to the professionals

If you have money, you don’t have to mess around yourself at all. It is enough to contact the developers and describe their idea to them. You get the application as quickly as possible with all the necessary functions.

How much does it cost to create an application?

It will not work to answer this question, because everyone has different prices and much depends on how complicated the project is.

How to create a mobile application for Android or IOS and earn money on it

There are lots of offers from private developers on the freelance market. Usually they charge cheaper than web studios, but it is worth consulting. First of all, make a development plan, you need to clearly outline your project, what functions will be added, how the design should look, etc. Only with such information you will find out how much work will cost.

1. Creating new applications with the command

Alone, it is always difficult to act, it is much more convenient to create serious projects with the team. Thus, it is possible to distribute the load, to provide better support, to move simultaneously in several directions. Where to find like-minded people? Sometimes they are among real acquaintances, sometimes they are found on various sites and all communities with suitable topics. All interested in mutually beneficial cooperation.

Establish useful links through the best SEO forums; professionals from a wide variety of fields communicate there — programmers, advertisers, designers, optimizers.

There is also a combined application creation scheme. For example, you yourself develop some functions, find patterns, in parallel, type a team and contact the professionals only to solve complex problems.This option is much better, because you yourself still need to understand the project, because then you still need to support it.

What should be considered when creating an application from scratch?

It is always hard to compete with popular projects. Need courage and remember that Vkontakte is not the first social network, and Google is not the first search engine. Now these projects bring billions to their developers. Even if you do not have such a grandiose idea, you need to believe that you will be able to bypass the competitors in your niche. Here are some more helpful tips:

  1. No fresh idea? Not a problem, you can take an already existing application as a basis and make it with your own chips and functions. This is how new projects appear that bypass competitors. Find cons in some programs, correct them and conquer the market.
  2. Sometimes there is a lack of start-up capital to implement the idea. In this case, it is worth looking for an investor. Many wealthy people want to multiply their money, offer them an interesting idea and favorable conditions. You can use the services of a type to raise funds through crowdfunding.
  3. A mobile application is a full-fledged business, and you need to prepare for its launch. It is necessary to calculate expenses, approximate incomes, evaluate competition, make a portrait of the target audience, etc. So at least you will record important points for yourself.
  4. Do not chase after many things at once; you should first try something small and get experience. Why jump on a new social network, if you can not even start a regular blog? The history of large projects often began with the fact that a simple program or game was created.

It is necessary to think through every step, constantly learning something, surround yourself with useful people. The most important thing is to believe in yourself. When Instagram was launched, there were already established leaders in the social networking niche, but this did not prevent the new mobile application from reaching the top.

Effective promotion of their mobile applications

No matter how interesting and high-quality the program you create, you need to promote it so that as many people as possible learn about the application. There are several options for this, remember that promotion takes a lot more time, effort and investment than development.

1. Free promotion of the mobile application

At the start, few people have a huge capital for advertising campaigns. Therefore, promotion begins through forums, social networks, various application directories. The option is working, but you have to spend a lot of time. For a start, you can take advantage of this, but then you will still have to let a portion of the profits on advertising .

2. Paid promotion of the application

Investors are usually not looking to create a project, but for its promotion. The money invested in advertising over time pays off, the options for starting with capital are full, the most effective of them are:

  • Advertising in other mobile applications;
  • Contextual advertising Google Adwords;
  • Teaser and banner networks;
  • Advertising in Push notifications;
  • Advertising in videos on YouTube.

There are reviews from developers who have tried to run simple applications. Someone did not pay off the invested money, someone managed to raise several times more in just one month. It is important not only to allocate a decent amount, but also to use effective promo, as well as to choose the right sites to find the target audience.

3. Cheating installations, reviews, ratings

Even famous developers use this method. Motivated traffic is cheap, it is the fastest way to get a bunch of reviews, and also increase the rating of the application. Why do you need it? Thus, you can raise your project in Google Play search.

Just remember that motivated downloads do little good. People will not use the app, and this is monitored by official stores. Therefore, it is not possible to take out top positions on some cheat, they should be used only in addition.

4. Tips for promoting the application

There are many nuances that beginners don’t know about. Small-scale, it is hard to promote any project on the Internet, the competition is constantly growing.It doesn't matter if you use paid or free promotions, consider a few points:

  • Use bright icons to stand out in app stores;
  • Don't add too much advertising, it discourages users;
  • When promoting, be guided by a solvent audience;
  • Watch for reviews, fix bugs, react to user problems;
  • Hold contests and sweepstakes, freebies attract attention;
  • Prepare official sites (sites, groups, channels);
  • Organize quality operational technical support;
  • Fill out a description of the application, add promotional videos;
  • Write reviews of your application and distribute on different sites;
  • Integrate social networks in your application;
  • Try to make sure that the application does not take up much memory;
  • Use such services as for the exchange of advertising in applications;
  • Increase usability, improve the design;
  • All ways try to shine in the media;
  • Translate the application into several languages;
  • Encourage the user for activity and reviews (coins, premiums, bonuses).

App stores rank projects by a variety of factors. It is not only installations and reviews that are taken into account, the number of entries to the application is checked, when it is deleted, the duration of use and much more.

Earnings on free Android and IOS applications

Those who have never thought about developing their own application have no idea how the creators of such projects get profit. The fact that a program or game is free does not mean that its developer works for the common good. There are many methods of monetizing such projects:

1. Advertising in the application

The most common option when the application connects to the advertising network and it is installed advertising. Surely you have come across this when all sorts of banners pop up, pop-up windows appear, teasers are lit:

How to create a mobile application for Android or IOS and earn money on it

Payment is charged for views and transitions in advertising conditions and rewards are different everywhere. In addition, profitability depends on the subject and target audience. It is obvious that applications on financial topics will bring more from advertising than entertainment projects.

2. Shopping in the application

How many reviews have been written about applications where people complain about a bunch of ads. It is really annoying, because of this you even have to delete some useful programs. Therefore, some developers use a different approach. Users are offered to spend money on their own:

How to create a mobile application for Android or IOS and earn money on it

These could be game coins, some other "buns". The option is excellent, but in order to support such a project, you will have to spin it up well first. Still, most prefer not to spend money.

3. Premium and Subscription

There are applications in which there is no advertising and paid services, but a profitable subscription is offered. In fact, this is the same application purchase, but some of them are presented in the free version. For the money, users get additional functions and various privileges:

How to create a mobile application for Android or IOS and earn money on it

This one is also good, only getting users to buy a subscription is not easy. Now on Youtube offer to subscribe to the service with the music, and the channel TNT offers to join the TNT Club. Examples of monetization of applications and services.

4. Other types of earnings

Mobile application developers use many other ways to make money on their projects. Some even add advertising to direct traffic to affiliate programs. The most common options are:

  • Advertising in PUSH notifications.
  • Promotional video views for bonuses.
  • Pop-ups and banners.
  • Sponsorship (issuing an application on behalf of someone else).
  • Direct advertisers.

Now there are services where all-represented methods are combined at once. Advertising is distributed by all available means, plus add paid features. Here you need to look for the edge when the ad will be enough in the application, but so that it does not force users to remove it.

Earnings on paid mobile applications

Everything is obvious here, you make a profit by selling an application. The cost can vary from 10 to 700 rubles, each developer himself evaluates his project. To take a large fee for a simple program without any reason, no one will agree to pay.

According to experts, this is the worst monetization scheme for mobile applications. According to rough estimates and general statistics, they found that the sellers of such programs receive no more than 20% of what they could earn from advertising.

How to create a mobile application for Android or IOS and earn money on it

But there is one more thing - some add advertising even to paid applications.Users are perplexed, because they have to pay, and then also watch the banners. Development prospects in this case are a big question.

How much can you earn by creating apps for Android yourself?

To ask such questions is like asking how much businessmen earn. There are no exact figures, but preliminary calculations are just guesses. How many times was it that large projects from well-known developers failed, and some small application brought millions. The best way to answer this question is to consider examples:

1. A productivity app on iOS

A loud story that bloggers often talk about. To post not considered advertising, the author decided not to disclose the name of the application. Sales were conducted through the App Store, it took a little over a year to collect $ 29,000. The price of the application was $ 3.99. Will you say success? The development and promotion of this project was spent 3 times more.

2. Developer Story Yuliia Ashomok

The girl shared her own earning experience on mobile applications. She launched 3 applications right away and spent about $ 1000 on promotion. As a result, I earned a little more than $ 1100. I tried to use motivated settings, then switched to contextual advertising. Now recommends targeting US users immediately.

3. Andy McAdam's earnings with the game Invaders

This developer managed to raise $ 20,000 from two similar simple games in 10 months. He did not pursue the goal of making money, games were created in the process of learning programming languages. It turned out something like the old game from the 80s:

How to create a mobile application for Android or IOS and earn money on it

He flooded the game in Google Play and was extremely surprised when it began to actively download. Taking the wave, he came up with the continuation of the game Invaders Deluxe and offered to download them for free, earning money from advertising.

Someone manages to create an application on their own for free and earn a million, but someone does not succeed, although the level of knowledge is much higher. You need to try, fight and constantly do something, hoping for a good moment.

It is not so difficult to create an application for a phone, but here you can only develop programmers by developing a serious project. In order not to learn all this, you need to assemble a team or find a starting capital. Think about which path is closer to you and right now draw up a detailed plan of action, choose a schema-monetization, consider other points. This will be the first step towards the launch of your project.

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