How to create a hyperlink Powerpoint, Word, HTML, Vkontakte?

When visiting various sites, you should have noticed that links are set in the text.

This is convenient in terms of perception of information, as visitors can easily jump to other pages. You can set up redirects not only on websites, but also in presentations, Word and other documents.

How to create a hyperlink? In this article we describe in detail the process of adding links for various purposes. Wherever you decide to add a link - Powerpoint, Word, HTML or even Vkontakte, we will explain how to do it.

How to create a hyperlink Powerpoint, Word, HTML, Vkontakte?

Adding Hyperlinks

First you need to figure out how to set the links in HTML. To do this, you need to use a special code. A simple form for adding a link looks like this:

. a href = "http: // www. Site_address. en /". Text for reference. / a.

You can add this code directly to the text of the HTML page where the link will be displayed. It is not necessary that the address should lead to a website, you can specify the URL of any page. In the same part of the code, you can specify additional parameters. For example, enclose the link in tags. b. . / b. so that the anchor (link text) is bold.

How to create a hyperlink in Word?

To set a link in Word, you do not need to use HTML code. The toolkit of this editor has a special function. It is available on the "Insert" tab:

How to create a hyperlink Powerpoint, Word, HTML, Vkontakte?

Note that when you add a hyperlink, a window opens with other files. You can select any file from the computer so that it can be opened by a link from the text.

How to create a hyperlink in Powerpoint?

In a presentation, links are added in the same way as in Word. This is not surprising, since both programs are created by Microsoft and have a very similar interface. To add a hyperlink to Powerpoint, you need to select the appropriate tool in the Insert section:

How to create a hyperlink Powerpoint, Word, HTML, Vkontakte?

The link text is displayed at the top, and in the address bar you can enter the URL to any page on the Internet .

How to create a hyperlink in Vkontakte?

This is the most common question of users, since this social. the network is being used more and more actively, and not only for communication. It is impossible to add any link here, but you can link to other user pages. For example, you can put a Vkontakte hyperlink to your group:

How to create a hyperlink Powerpoint, Word, HTML, Vkontakte?

Similarly, you can refer to other page types, but for this you need to use a different code:

[topic123456 | Text] - discussion;

[id123456 | Text] - user;

[app123456 | Text] - application;

[photo123456 | Text] - photo;

[video123456 | Text] - video;

[event123456 | Text] - meeting.

For those who use Vkontakte, it is important to learn how to add links. They are used not so often, and users actively follow them, so you can at least increase the attendance of any page.

Now you know how to create a hyperlink to Vkontakte, HTML, Word and Powerpoint. You no longer have to specify long addresses and links. Take advantage of this opportunity and make the content more beautiful.

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