How to create a free school website?

Educational institutions today need to keep up with the times and provide students with all the necessary information in an accessible and convenient format.

At the moment, the best option is the Internet, as it is in every home, and young people constantly spend time online.

Unfortunately, not all educational institutions have their own website yet, but this problem is not difficult to solve.

We decided to tell you how to create a school website so that even with a minimal amount of knowledge, you can launch a useful resource. Starting a school site is not as difficult as it may seem.

How to create a free school website?

How to create a school website?

The ideal way to create websites is using free CMS . After downloading and installing the necessary software, you can immediately start a ready-made site and edit it yourself, adding different information, design elements, images, and so on.

In one of the articles we told you what WordPress is - this is the most popular engine for which you don’t have to pay. It's not difficult to use it, see what the WordPress admin panel looks like and find out how to install the template on WordPress.

In a few hours you will understand exactly how it works and what you need to do to create a school website.

The only disadvantage of using engines is the obligatory payment for the domain and hosting. Your resource should be located somewhere (need hosting), it costs about 100 rubles per month (the best hosting). Also, he needs to buy a domain name (name), which will cost another 120 rubles a year.

The amount is not significant, the school administration will definitely agree to allocate such a budget for the development of a corporate website.

How to create a free school website?

How to create a free school website?

You can create a website for a school for free using online designers. Using them is even easier, but your options will be very limited. For example, you can run the site through the designer Ucoz. This platform has the widest range of functions (among constructors), and the domain and hosting are issued for free .

Another high-quality platform that is more suitable for creating personal diaries, but with the right approach it can be adapted to a simple school website. How to use this constructor, we described in the article how to create a free blog.

Whatever method you use, it’s better to buy a separate domain for the site (the free one will be too long). Find out where to buy cheap domains. ru and. rf

Free ways to create a website have a lot of flaws, starting with poor-quality design and ending with limited capabilities. Therefore, it is better to make a normal resource, and if not for this knowledge, just order the development of the site.

Where to order the creation of a school website?

Website development services are offered by many web studios, but the prices are different everywhere and the quality of resources can vary greatly. In order not to overpay and get a good school website, contact the professionals at.

This company has been developing websites for a long time and even helps to start a business on the Internet.

The cost of services is significantly lower than that of competitors.

For a school website, it’s enough to order a business card website or a mini website:

How to create a free school website?

For this money, you will receive a ready-made website and you can immediately start to its filling. Even a newbie will be able to add new articles, arrange the main page and so on.

The only negative - the design will be a template. If you want to get a unique design, you have to pay extra:

How to create a free school website?

The price difference is significant, but design development is the most difficult, in other web studios they will charge you even more.

Website's additional services allow you to undergo training on creating and promoting websites, register new domains, install unique modules on the website and much more.

Advertising a school site is hardly useful, but the maintenance will not be superfluous. For only 5,000 rubles, specialists will respond to emails, receive calls, and also ensure that the resource is working stably.

Of course, it is easier to pay tuition and shift this work onto the shoulders of one of the school employees, but there may not be a suitable candidate.

Even if you don’t understand site creation at all, you will be able to start a resource with. Specialists from this company will make a turnkey website by purchasing a domain, paying for hosting and launching a ready site. You just have to contact them and find money to pay for quality services.

Using information from our site, you can create not only a school site, but also your own resource that will consistently bring profit. Turn the creation and maintenance of sites in your hobby. Now the sphere of the Internet is actively developing, so this knowledge will definitely be useful to you.

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