How to constantly get money from one article?

Most of the users who write articles just sell them for a one-time payment.

It would be much better to start a blog and post new posts there, but for some reason nobody wants it do. Someone is afraid that nothing will come out, some do not understand site building, but someone is just too lazy.

One article can bring passive income, and in several ways at once.

For how much can you sell text of 5000 characters? For 200-300 rubles? And what if you get a few thousand for him? A good perspective is and this is within the power of each author . It is not necessary to create a website to make articles a passive source of income.

How to constantly get money from one article?

Now many blog owners write on the forums with a proposal to place high-quality materials with them and receive a small portion of the profits for this.

Someone even suggests adding a separate ID in advertising services in order to track revenue from specific pages, but all this is not perfect. At any time they can throw, and it makes sense to do it when there are other, more interesting ways.

To begin with, I personally was helped to get several thousand rubles from just one article. Wmmail has diaries on which you can publish full-fledged articles and include affiliate links in them.

I took advantage of this and advertised the game with the withdrawal of money. The money did not come right away, I had to wait for people to click on links and make deposits, but there is a profit.

How to constantly get money from one article?

It’s not at all necessary to use this clicker sponsor, you can take any other free platform, forum or even make a note on social networks.

There is no difference where exactly you place the information, the main thing is to make a high-quality and volumetric material and if you're lucky, the page will collect a lot of traffic.

Placing reviews on sites

Another interesting way to get passive income for articles is to use feedback services.

On and invited to post your opinion on various products, starting with cars and ending with shaving foam. Under the conditions, a photograph and personal use of the subject of the review is required.

Take a camera (high quality of pictures is not necessary) and start photographing everything that is in your house. Start with household appliances and do not forget to sort out all the products from the refrigerator. Write reviews about everything, for each viewing you will be paid about 5 kopecks (+ there are bonuses).

How to constantly get money from one article?

Too little? Let's count. Suppose you have written 100 reviews (for a month just get it done, experienced authors can write as many texts of 500 characters per week).

Even if each of the reviews will bring 20 rubles a month, 2,000 rubles . And they will come every month. Gradually, you can go to a higher income, adding more and more reviews.

If you decide to work with reviews, then try to make voluminous texts and choose trendy products, it helps to collect more views.

Choose any way to make money on articles, in any case it is more profitable than just selling them on exchanges. Think about prospects more often, sometimes it is better to spend strength and get some money, but it’s stable than earn and forget.

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