How to connect the login confirmation Vkontakte?

Probably, on no other site do they hack profiles as often as Vkontakte.

Messages about hacking Vkontakte accounts appear every day, so it is not surprising that the administration of this social. Network has launched additional protection, although only a few use it.

Confirmation of Vkontakte login allows you to protect your page from unauthorized people. Even if someone manages to intercept your password or learn it in any other way, it will not be possible to use the profile of the attacker. In this article, we will describe in detail what the confirmation of the entry Vkontakte.

Additional account protection is available to every user. When using it, when entering the profile from an unregistered browser and IP address, an additional password will appear, it is sent via SMS to your phone.

When you turn on login confirmation on Vkontakte, the phone password recovery function will become unavailable. If you forget it, you will have to send photos to those. support to confirm your identity.

Activating additional protection of the Vkontakte profile is carried out in a few simple steps:

  1. In the settings, on the "Security" tab, you need to switch to connecting the function:
  2. How to connect the login confirmation Vkontakte?

  3. After that, it is no longer possible to log in to your page with a login and password, as you need to specify an additional code (check the "Remember browser" checkbox so that no additional code appears on your computer) ):
  4. How to connect the login confirmation Vkontakte?

  5. If the confirmation function is connected, then in the settings you will see new parameters:
  6. How to connect the login confirmation Vkontakte?

You can specify number to be directed tsya codes. You can also use backup codes. They are generated through the mobile application and then used to log in.

One backup code can be used only once, when they end, you will have to receive a new SMS.

The fraudsters will not be able to hack the page without access to the phone, and if they try, you will receive a notification about it:

How to connect the login confirmation Vkontakte?

Connect the login confirmation to all your Vkontakte accounts, but remember that if you lose access (lost your phone, forgot your passwords and codes), you will have to prove that you and the person in the profile photo are one person.

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