How to conduct an SEO audit, from whom to order an SEO site audit?

Which of the site owners would not want to beat the competition and take first place in the search results.

Positions depend on how well the webmaster has worked on his project. No matter how interesting it is, you always need to remember SEO, without this, search engines will not appreciate the effort.

How to conduct and where to order an SEO site audit? To find out if everything has been done and what mistakes need to be fixed, beginners often turn to professionals. It is not necessary to pay someone for the optimization check, everything can be checked independently, taking into account the main factors and rules.

How to conduct an SEO audit, from whom to order an SEO site audit?

Do-it-yourself SEO website audit

Resource analysis takes time and requires professional knowledge to conduct it. We have already talked about the free audit of the site, checks should be carried out constantly.

By tracking statistics and searching for flaws, site owners get a real chance to bring their site to the first places.

When conducting an SEO site audit, you need to pay more attention to the most important points. If you decide to do it yourself, do not forget about 5 main components:

1. Content audit. Almost everything depends on the information placed on the pages. Now search engines strongly recommend webmasters to pay more attention to content.

To perform an optimization check, you need:

  • to analyze the semantic core. The database of selected key requests may not be compiled correctly, not all beginners know how to select keywords;
  • the most important parameter of the content is its uniqueness. If videos and pictures copied from other sites do not harm the project, then copied texts can lead the site to filters;
  • internal optimization includes the use of tags. Each page needs to be compiled separately and included in the page code (for example, designate the headers H1, H2, etc.);
  • you may have not used the keywords and description tags before; it's time to check it and need to fill them.
    Search bots are not able to evaluate the semantic component, but they check the behavior of visitors. If the page is quickly closed and no one is studying the data, obviously - it is not of high quality. Therefore, when creating content you need to take into account that it is made for people.
How to conduct an SEO audit, from whom to order an SEO site audit?

2. Technical SEO site audit. Resource must be of high quality in all respects. Now sites are riveted on the engines, and their owners simply do not understand how important some little things are.

They close their eyes to the absence of important files, unnecessary pieces of code, and much more, but this is unacceptable:

  • you need the correct robots. txt, through this file, the search bots determine how to index the site;
  • the site must contain a map, through it visitors go to the content, and the search bots track updates; , although filters are not superimposed on it, it does not affect the positions better;
  • there should not be anything extra in the site code, if you yourself don’t understand anything, find a specialist who will help you clean the software component .

Thousands of newbies do not understand why their sites do not fall into the first places. Often, the problems are connected with the technical part, but they simply cannot deal with it.

3. Site structure audit. Complex structures of sections, categories, subsections and subcategories may well distribute materials by topic, but this creates some inconvenience. If you need to go to 5-10 links from the main page to go to the page, you yourself should understand that this is not comfortable.

It is best to make sure that each page is two clicks away from the main page. Also between the pages worth putting down internal links. Do you hear about this for the first time? What is relink and how to do it, we have already told. With SEO site auditing, this is sure to be checked.

4. Usability Checker How comfortable is using your resource? It is clear that everything seems intuitive to you, but this is because you have been engaged in your site for a long time.

You need to conduct an audit with a group of people (you can be familiar). Give them a link to the site and ask them to find any errors, inconveniences, shortcomings.

Most often, this is inconvenient navigation and the lack of a mobile version. To improve usability, various tricks are applied, including bread crumbs. It looks like the path from the main page to the section in which the visitor is located. Proper site navigation is easily configured without the involvement of specialists.

5. Search SEO site audit. So ​​we decided to name everything related to external optimization. To perform a check, you first need to collect resource data.Evaluate its visibility, view positions on the main requests and so on.

Next, we analyze competitors. You can get around them if you figure out how you managed to bring the site to the first place.

The second important factor is the reference mass. Although search engines claim that they pay less attention to incoming links, they are still taken into account.

The better and more extensive the reference mass, the more likely it is to occupy the top lines in the search results. This entails large costs, but also significantly affects the promotion.

Run your SEO website audit online for free and find out what it takes to work to improve performance. Experienced webmasters constantly monitor statistics and look for errors in their work, this helps them to beat the competition.

Who can order an SEO site audit?

There are quite a few companies that provide such services. The market is full, but there is one drawback when using them. The fact is that they chase the sites according to pre-created templates, they cannot ask for anything, find out and ask questions.

Therefore, it is better to contact freelancers. There are a lot of specialists on the exchange:

How to conduct an SEO audit, from whom to order an SEO site audit?

One of the experienced optimizers who help promote sites and conduct audits of any complexity. Some webmasters do not trust freelancers, preferring to order services in large companies.

Are you one of them? Choose the best service where you can conduct an SEO site audit:

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  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • .

Experts will quickly carry out the necessary checks and show you for shortcomings. Prices are different everywhere, and SEO audit may include the collection of different information, this should be taken into account.

You can’t rush when promoting websites. Some errors may cause the site to fail to take the first place.

Timely checks will help identify shortcomings and quickly fix them. Do not be lazy to conduct an audit, attract specialists, if you yourself do not understand anything about it.

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