How to compare the similarity of the two texts?

In the hands of the user, one way or another connected with textual information, there must be many useful tools.

There are many programs for working with texts, only the synonymizer helps the authors quickly find suitable words. The most popular uniqueness checker is

, but it may not be enough.

Similarity of text, how to check it? There are not so many programs that can not just find a copy of the article, but compare a couple of texts and establish the percentage of similarity.

Manually it is impossible to carry out such a check , does popular software check all over the Internet, and if the article is not published anywhere? Then the uniqueness will be 100%.

How to compare the similarity of the two texts?

A program was developed specifically for this. It is many times better than its counterpart Shingles Expert.

The main plus is the highlighting of those parts of the text that coincide with the original. The program can be used free of charge , there is also a paid version (pay money only if you need a batch check).

So, after downloading and running the program, you will see a simple interface, the main area will be divided into two parts. It is not difficult to guess that you need to insert the original into one of them, into another copy (this is done via the menu):

How to compare the similarity of the two texts?

After insertion, you can select a shingle. By default it will be 5, you can reduce it to 3x to get more accurate data. After clicking the "Compare" button, scanning begins and after a few seconds, you will know the result:

How to compare the similarity of the two texts?

Editing can be done directly in the program, and then immediately run the following comparison.

This program will also be useful for customers to check how well a copywriter does the job. Especially if reproduction of articles is ordered.

Finding the similarities between articles using iRewriter is not at all difficult. Sometimes, the author is so keen on rewriting that he forgets about individuality, so such checks help to make not just a unique, but also an original article, which is very different from the material on the original source.

A copywriter can work when there is no access to the Internet, the rewriter is unlikely. The program works without an internet connection, which means that you can download many articles for yourself and redo them at any time.

Now you know how to find similarities of articles and how to check the uniqueness of the text without the Internet, use the new tool.

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