How to collect free traffic? Free traffic for the site

All site owners would like to see how the number of visitors to their sites increases every day.

You can achieve high attendance in different ways, and decide what suits you best, even if you don’t have enough money, you can provide users with inflows through various sources.

How to collect free traffic? Blogs for webmasters often address this issue, so we will consider unusual ways to increase attendance, which are used less frequently.

It is possible that they are not so efficient, but in combination, they will ensure a good flow of traffic.

How to collect free traffic? Free traffic for the site

Free traffic for the site

  1. Thanks for the comments. Setting up an alert system for users who leave comments is not difficult, but it works quite effectively. When adding an entry under your articles, the commentator must indicate the mail, using the mailbox address, you can send him a letter of thanks. In this case, the probability of his return to the resource increases significantly.
  2. Be active. To make your project more active, you need to be very active. Again, about the comments - by responding to people's records and engaging in dialogues, you increase their attention to the project. Be open to communication and invite any visitor to contact you.
  3. Guest Posts. Recently, Google said that links from guest posts are no longer taken into account and have lost relevance, but this does not prevent us from attracting visitors in this way. All you need is to create high-quality material and offer the owners of other sites, host it, add a link to your resource in it. In some cases, it is possible to negotiate for a fee, but this is not quite guest blogging, but rather buying links.
  4. Hand out something for free. It has long been proven that the word "Free" attracts the attention of users. What can you offer your visitors? It could be any database, e-book, video course, anything. The most important thing to keep in mind is that your free offer should be interesting and useful.
  5. Mailing. The most effective tool to attract free traffic. Of course, for this you will first have to install a subscription form on the site and wait until as many people as possible begin to receive the newsletter. But after that, you will have access to a huge database of the target audience, to attract to your resource.
  6. Contests. The last, not less effective option to raise attendance. Call it free is impossible, because for the competition will need to prepare some prizes. Nevertheless, it is a good way to attract new users to a resource that can become regular visitors.

Has the topic of raising attendance interested you? At Workion, there is another article about increasing the traffic on your site, where we considered the following ways:

  • using social networks;
  • distributing announcements;
  • using entertainment resources.

The more ways you start using traffic to drive traffic, the faster your attendance rates will start to increase, and with it your incomes will also grow.

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