How to clear phone browser cache on Android?

Modern people are gradually acquiring new mobile devices that can be compared with a full-fledged computer.

Due to the relatively low cost, Android-powered devices are in great demand, which is why they are more often searched on the Internet. information on the use of phones and tablets on Android.

One of the most popular questions is how to clear the cache on Android? Temporary data gradually accumulates in the memory and because of this problems may arise. If you have a phone or tablet on Android, do not forget to periodically clean it at the program level.

How to clear phone browser cache on Android?

How to clear the Android phone cache?

The easiest way to delete all unnecessary data is to reset the factory settings. This option is not suitable for many, because I do not want to delete some of the information and applications. If this method does not suit you, use the application.

This program displays all cached data, and you can delete it by clicking on one button:

How to clear phone browser cache on Android?

As you can see in this example, the Android phone cache takes up almost 1 GB of memory. This program is useful not only for clearing the phone's cache, it can be used to speed up Android.

A similar application for cleaning the android cache -. It is even easier to use it:

How to clear phone browser cache on Android?

After launching, the program determines the memory occupied by the cache and you can clear it by clicking on the icon in the center.

You do not want to install applications? Manually clear your android cache. Each game stores in the phone a different data. To remove them, go to the settings and go to applications. When you open any game or program, below you will see the clear cache button:

How to clear phone browser cache on Android?

When you remove the cache from games, you may lose the progress of the game, so think carefully before doing it.

How to clear the browser cache of android?

Using all the methods described above, you can delete the browser cache in parallel. You can also manually clear the Android browser cache. To do this, you will need to find such a parameter in the settings. For example, if you use Google Chrome, clearing the cache is available in the Privacy section:

How to clear phone browser cache on Android?

In other browsers, the settings may be different, but the cache clearing function must be required

Now you know how to clear the android cache and you can free up memory on your phone or tablet at any time. Try to do this at least once a month, since even when you visit the Internet, a lot of unnecessary information is stored in the memory.

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